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Corpus Christi Mesothelioma Lawyer

Corpus Christi, situated in Nueces County and close to the southern border, has a mix of industries, including military, oil production, maritime, petroleum, and manufacturing. Prior to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) strict regulations, most of these industries relied on asbestos for a variety of reasons, including its resistance to fire and heat. Consequently, numerous former workers in the city now suffer from asbestos-related illnesses, including malignant mesothelioma, lung cancer, asbestosis, and more. 

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Koch Refinery

Although it was built in 1952, Corpus Christi’s Koch Refinery is considered one the nation’s newer refineries, as there have been few refineries built in recent years. Regardless, Koch was built during a time when asbestos was used extensively. Koch used the hazardous mineral in numerous products and equipment, including:

  • Pipes
  • Machinery
  • Insulation
  • Construction products
  • Gaskets and pumps
  • Columns
  • Conduits

Koch was also responsible for releasing benzene, a flammable compound linked to cancer, into the air from the refinery’s stacks.

In 2000, Koch, along with four of its employees, were charged with 97 environmental violations, including breaking several federal laws regarding air and wastes. They were fined $10 million, which prompted them to change their name a few years later to “Flint Hills Resources,” in an attempt to appear more environmentally-sound.

Yet, even with a new name, the company continued to release several million pounds of pollutants in the city’s air in the same year. In 2017, the company announced it would re-emerge as a supplier “to the Mexican fuel market,” according to the San Antonio Business Journal.

Corpus Christi Army Depot

Since 1961, the Corpus Christi Army Depot (CCAD) has been repairing and reconstructing a myriad of aircraft and aircraft parts, including engines, helicopter wings, components, and more. Yet, like so many other companies and military bases, CCAD used asbestos in a variety of products and throughout its facilities.

In 2003, after an $83 million lawsuit awarded to the depot’s employees, former and current supervisors filed their own lawsuit, stating that asbestos exposure was a daily occurrence while working at CCAD. A total of 143 supervisors filed the lawsuit, shortly after 3,500 CCAD employees were awarded $83 million, in 2001, for the same exposure.

The 2003 lawsuit requested that supervisors all receive 8% of their hourly wages throughout the duration of the time they were exposed to asbestos while working at CCAD; this was the same arrangements for the 2001 employee lawsuit. They also sought $18 million in attorney fees.

Additional Corpus Christi Companies Associated with Asbestos

In addition to the previous companies, there were several businesses in Corpus Christi that once relied on asbestos. Some of these buildings still remain in use today.


  • Amerada Hess Oil Refinery
  • American Smelting & Refining Company (ASARCO)
  • Humble Oil & Refining
  • Coastal Corporation
  • Corn Products Oil Refinery Plant (currently known as Ingredion)
  • Corpus Christi Refinery
  • Southwestern Oil & Refining Company
  • Valero Refinery
  • Champion Oil Refinery


  • Driscoll Children’s Hospital
  • Spohn Hospital

Power Plants and Stations

  • Celanese Corporation Chemical Plant
  • City of Corpus Christi Water Plant
  • Lon C. Hill Power Plant/Station
  • Nueces Bay Power Station (currently known as Nueces Bay Energy Center)
  • Turning Basin Powerhouse

Other Job Sites, Buildings, and Businesses

  • Berry Construction
  • Coastal Iron Works
  • Gulf Belting & Gasket Company
  • J.T. Thorpe
  • Gilman Fabrication Shop
  • Reynolds Metals
  • Precision Insulation
  • Corpus Christi Naval Air Station (NAS)
  • Central Power & Light (CPL)
  • Borden Company
  • American Bank Building
  • American Minerals Spirits
  • Diamond Shamrock
  • Padre Staples Mall
  • Valero

Medical Assistance in Corpus Christi

The Cancer Specialists of South Texas, P.A, is an innovative cancer treatment center with special emphasis on oncology and hematology. Treatment consists of cutting-edge technology, including 14 infusion stations and 4 injection stations for patients undergoing therapy.

625 Rodd Field Road – Corpus Christi, Texas 78421 
 (361) 993-3456 or (800) 852-0538

For additional treatment options, the MD Anderson Cancer Center at Houston’s University of Texas, backed by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), offers diagnosis and treatment for all types of asbestos-related illnesses, including malignant mesothelioma and lung cancer. Along with advanced treatment options, the center also offers ongoing research and clinical trials.

1400 Holcombe Boulevard, Unit 409
Houston, TX 77030
Phone: (713) 745-PAIN (7246)
Fax: (713) 745-0177

Legal Assistance in Corpus Christi

If you’ve been injured by asbestos, there is a good chance that you’ll qualify for considerable compensation. Don’t forget to fill out our form to get our free Financial Compensation Packet, filled with information on the leading asbestos and mesothelioma attorneys in your areaIf you have questions or need additional assistance, contact us at 800-793-4540.