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Settlements We’ve Won

For over 20 years we’ve been dedicated to helping asbestos victims. Our years of experience have given us the knowledge necessary to get you and your family ALL the financial compensation you’re owed.

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$3,114,436 – Served in the US Army National Guard as an electrician; worked in Nuclear Power Plants

$1,546,434  – Brick mason

$1,961,753  – Mechanic; asbestos abatement worker





$3,243,375 – Laborer for 15 years; served in the Army, worked in numerous power plants

$1,924,118 – Technical field advisor, worked at power plants while in the military; worked as Supervisor in all areas of the plants

$1,273,200 – Worked for various steel manufacturers, in factories littered with asbestos

$4,646,875 – Worked 43 years as an underground pipe layer, cutting, reshaping, and sawing into asbestos-containing pipes.


$1,044,362 – Second-hand exposure via husband, who worked around asbestos insulation at Phillips Petroleum


$12,409,047 – Worked as an auto mechanic and purchasing/parts manager for 16 years; served in the National Guard and bi-weekly visits to ships’ boiler rooms

$6,714,728 – Boiler technician in the U.S. Navy

$ 9,465,319 – Construction worker for 27 years

$3,427,515 – Construction and cement pipe manufacturer; served in the military during the Vietnam war


$3,237,767 – Oil rig worker

$1,199,965 – Worked in the boiler room while serving in the U.S. Navy; shipfitter, billboard hanger, and apartment manager after serving in military


$5,500,000 – Worked numerous years in a hospital that had many repairs and renovations done; grew up with father who was a carpenter

$2,645,159 – Steel manufacturing and shipyard worker

$2,517,148 – Many jobs: Construction worker, shipyard worker, pipefitter, electrician, and welder


$4,819,500 – Second-hand home exposure via family members who were electricians and auto mechanics; exposed first-hand while working at steel mills, car plants

$2,894,750 – Dental technician; exposed via buildings he worked in


$3,183,609 – Second-hand exposure through husband’s electrician and shipyard work


$5,162,500 – First-hand exposure while working as a plastic maker; second-hand exposure through father who worked as a carpenter

$1,580,296 – Mechanic at crane manufacturing plant


$1,536,847 – Wore asbestos clothing while working in paper printing factory

$1,034,315 – Exposed to asbestos via family garment repair shop

$1,072,766 – Instrument mechanic at paper mill; served in the military during the Korean War


$5,794,458 – Mechanic in the National Guard; worked in plumbing, construction, and as a pipefitter/welder

$2,635,134 – Plant supervisor at electric generation plant; served in the National Guard and worked on the maintenance department military vehicles. Served  in Army,   placing artillery in the fields


$2,076,435 – Steel mill worker for decades

$1,410,595 – Served in U.S. Navy, did carpentry work; later worked as a machinist and a millwright


$2,543,350 – Utility company supervisor, visited numerous power plants; did car maintenance work

$1,417,647 – Worked as a forklift operator, gas station attendant, compounding technician, and in a lumber yard


$1,368,368 – Paper mill and auto service worker

$1,039,000 – Print presser for more than 20 years; lived in buildings littered with asbestos


$4,623,260 – Jet mechanic while in the U.S. Navy; later worked for Avondale Shipyard

$4,641,865 – Construction worker for many years, followed by welding, trade demolition, and steam plant work


$1,183,194 – Renovated buildings filled with asbestos; served in the U.S. Army


$2,813,307 – Mixed cement and plaster as general laborer; served in the U.S. Army

$2,360,592 – Worked in factories as  pipefitter and hydraulics fitter; served in the U.S. Navy, maintained steam lines, air conditioning, and refrigeration


$3,220,280 – Engineer technician and production supervisor at 3M

$2,668,194 – Welder and maintenance technician on automobiles, furnaces, equipment, and machinery; served in the U.S. Navy

$2,206,163 – Road worker and machinist; served in the U.S. Navy


$4,774,692 – Navy, worked in HVAC for 50+ years

$2,779,545 – Spent 40+ years working for Chemical and Nuclear Plants as an insulator

$1,473,750 – Worked in construction, remodeling, and mechanical work on farm equipment


$1,963,887 –  Construction and maintenance

$1,219,137 –  Warehouse work, sheetrock removal and did car repairs as a hobby on the side

$1,137,389 –    Second-hand exposure from spouse’s shipyard, welding, and construction jobs


$1,181,850 –   Welder, construction worker

$1,300,745 –  Navy, boilerman, did repairs and insulation

North Carolina

$3,348,082 – Worked in naval shipyard

$1,854,446 – Worked as boilerman in the U.S. Navy

$1,752,976 – Auto mechanic for 50 years

New York

$4,516,015 – Pipefitter and plumber; served in the U.S. Army

$2,845,515 – Floor tile installer and carpenter; served in the U.S. Army

$2,342,100 – Laborer, pipefitter


$2,780,297 – Worked in the engine room while serving in the U.S. Navy

South Carolina

$3,329,875 – Remodeling and home repair work; also did plumbing, electrical work, insulation, and asbestos roofing; served in U.S. Navy and operated gas station

$1,639,703 – Janitorial work in factories

$1,571,912 -Machinist; served the in U.S. Navy

South Dakota

$1,269,375 – Meat factory worker for 20 years, changed own car brakes; served in the U.S. Navy

$1,127,294 – Mechanic and construction worker; served in the U.S. Navy


$2,552,031 – Worked for GM; served in the U.S. Navy

$1,220,177 – Millwright worker and pipefitter

$1,223,991 – Construction work and hotel worker


$4,613,301- Maintenance man and insulator; also work with asbestos-filled gaskets

$3,990,702 – Construction, maintenance, and pipefitting; served in the U.S. Army

$3,035,937 – Second-hand exposure via father, an insulator; first-hand exposure through insulation work; served in U.S. Army


$2,013,584 – Welding, maintenance, and mechanic worker

$1,118,647 – Second-hand exposure through father, a construction insulator

$1,161,391 – Firefighter and vehicle mechanic/served in U.S. Marines


$2,695,000 – Plumber and HVAC worker; both first-hand exposure and second-hand exposure through father, a plumber

$2,287,173 – Mechanic and electrician; served in the U.S. Navy

$2,106,862 – Boat captain and engineer; served in the U.S. Navy, ship repairs


$3,431,163 – Second-hand exposure through husband, a marine machinist

$3,016,076 – Office administrator, worked in asbestos-filled building

$2,279,875 – Second-hand exposure from father, a welder; first-hand exposure in U.S. Navy, worked in shipyard; worked as ship fitter and nuclear propulsion inspector after Navy


$2,544,298 – General contractor and laborer; brake repair

$1,335,336 – Sheet metal worker and industrial laborer; served in the U.S. Navy

$1,301,679 – Laborer and painter; served in the U.S. Army

West Virginia

$2,107,845 – Steam laundry plant worker; ship evaporator for the U.S. Navy

$1,643,931 – Test Development Engineer and home remodeling

$1,247,955 – Second-hand exposure through coal miner father; first-hand exposure via labor work


$2,107,845 – Steam laundry plant worker; steam evaporator for the U.S. Navy