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Idaho Mesothelioma Lawyer

Although Idaho is home to naturally-occurring asbestos sites in the Rocky Mountain areas, the health risks, diseases, and deaths associated with asbestos come primarily from the industrial and agricultural industries in the state.

A total of 240 asbestos-related deaths occurred in Idaho, making it #35 in the nation for asbestos-connected deaths.

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Idaho State

We are pleased to offer assistance to asbestos victims and their families in all areas of Idaho, including:

Boise, Nampa, Meridian, Idaho Falls, Pocatello, Caldwel,l Coeur d’Alen,e Twin Falls, Lewiston, Post Falls, Rexburg, Moscow, Eagle, Kuna, Ammon, Chubbuck, Mountain Home, Hayden, Blackfoot, Garden City, Jerome, Burley, Hailey, Sandpoint, Payette, Rathdrum, Star, Emmett, Middleton, Rupert, Weiser, Preston, Fruitland, Shelley, American Falls, Buhl, Rigby, Gooding, St. Anthony, Kimberly, Mountain Home AFB, Heyburn, Fort Hall, Grangeville, Orofino, Salmon, Soda Springs, McCall, Lincoln, Wendell, Ketchum, Homedale, Filer, Montpelier, Bonners Ferry, Dalton Gardens, St. Maries, Bellevue, Hidden Spring, Kellogg, Malad City, Parma, Spirit Lake, Aberdeen, Victor, Iona, Priest River, Moreland, Driggs, Pinehurst, Wilder, Osburn, New Plymouth, Shoshone, Robie Creek, Sun Valley, Sugar City, Kamiah, Marsing, Glenns Ferry, Hansen, Pau,l Lapwai, Ucon, Ponderay, Challis, Ashton, Tyhee, Plummer, Riverside, Genesee, Cottonwood, Arco, Arbon Valley, Cascade, Grace, Troy, Greenleaf, Inkom, Hagerman, Council, and more.

Job Sites Associated with Asbestos in Idaho

The Western States Equipment Company, a large machinery company in Idaho, was once so reliant on asbestos in equipments and products, that it continued to use dangerous mineral even after the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) banned its use. Consequently, a lawsuit was filed in January of 2011. According to official court documents, Murray Burns, a former employee, developed malignant mesothelioma after working at Western States from 1970-1972. He was responsible for cleaning and painting products and parts.

After a layoff, Burns returned to Western States where he worked as a mechanic for several years. One of his duties was to repair forklift brakes and clutches, both of which contained asbestos. Even after most of the nation stopped using asbestos on products and on job sites, Western States kept pushing forward with it while shrugging off asbestos-free alternatives. This is just one example of the many asbestos-related lawsuits filed in Idaho.

Another company, Monsanto Co., has faced many lawsuits after former workers had enough. Monsanto Co. and it’s branch facilities were well-known for exposing workers to toxic substances, including asbestos. By 2003, over 500 lawsuits had been filed against the company.

Many other business in Idaho have been associated with asbestos, including the following:

  • Zinn Industrial Supply
  • Westinghouse Sponsors Warehouse
  • Tra Sponsors Warehouse
  • Potlatch Corporation
  • Robison Dist Company
  • Sullivan Mining Company
  • National Reactor Testing Station
  • Bunker Hill Smelter
  • Ira Sponsors Warehouse
  • Western Steel
  • Utah Idaho Sugar Company
  • National Reactor Testing Station
  • Terminal Ice & Cold Storage
  • College of Idaho
  • Carnation Milk Products Company
  • Amalgamated Sugar Company
  • Boise Cascade Corporation
  • Bonner County Courthouse
  • Clover Club Foods
  • Fluor Corporation
  • Lodge Brothers and Bullet Pawnshop
  • Intermountain Gas Company
  • Northwest Roads Company
  • Plateau Supplies Company
  • Southern Industries Piping
  • Union Pacific Railroad
  • Westvaco Mineral Production
  • Yanke Machine Shop
  • Northwest Roads Company
  • Clover Club Foods

 Asbestos Stats and Facts in Idaho

  • There were more mesothelioma deaths and illnesses as opposed to asbestosis deaths and illnesses in Idaho statewide. Yet, in rural areas, there were more asbestosis deaths.
  • The majority of asbestos-related deaths in Idaho were in Des Moines and Boise and the outlying areas of both cities.

Asbestos Laws in Idaho

The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality is responsible for the state’s asbestos laws and regulations. Each regulation was put into place in order to promote safety and protect the public from dangerous asbestos fibers:

  • The state of Idaho regulates asbestos abatement according to the Tier 1 Air Quality Operating Permit, which mandates that a permit must be applied for and approved before asbestos abatement can begin. Keep in mind, however, that Tier 1 only applies to abatement projects that are typically from huge industrial sources and require a massive cleanup. Smaller projects are exempt from the Tier 1 permit.
  • Idaho follows the EPA regulations for asbestos abatement regarding repair, demolition, construction, and/or renovation of both public and private buildings.
  • Workers must be certified asbestos technicians before beginning any asbestos abatement project, and must send in a written abatement plan to the state before beginning. For Tier 1 projects, written notice must be sent to an Asbestos Compliance Analyst first.
  • Workers must always follow the proper hygienic procedures after working around asbestos, including cleaning all tools and supplies and wearing protective gear at all times.

For more in-depth information on Idaho asbestos laws, contact the DEQ state office at 208-373-0502.

Getting Medical Help in Idaho

Symptoms of mesothelioma lie dormant for decades and asbestos-related diseases are still considered rare.  Seek treatment from doctors who have specialized knowledge in dealing with mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) assists cancer patients find the best treatments available by designating and recommending high-quality cancer treatment centers.

Although there are currently no NCI-designated cancer centers in Idaho, the closest center, located in Portland, Oregon, is the NCI-designated Knight Cancer Institute.

At Knight Cancer Institute, mesothelioma treatments consists of chemotherapy, surgery, radiation and more, and is comprised of a team of physicians and healthcare professionals who specialize in asbestos-related diseases and have been recognized for their superior work.

Rules of Asbestos Lawsuits in Idaho

Even though there have been hundreds of mesothelioma deaths and illnesses, Idaho doesn’t have separate laws for asbestos-related lawsuits. In other words, each lawsuit filed for asbestos-related deaths and/or illnesses are treated the same as a personal injury lawsuit.

Although some states may not have a time period in which a victim must an asbestos-related lawsuit, since these types of claims are treated as a personal injury lawsuit in Idaho, state law mandates that all victims must file within two years from the date of being diagnosed or two years from the date of death for wrongful death lawsuits.

The statute of limitations is something that Idaho is strict about. For example, in the Brennan Vs. Owens-Corning Fiberglass Corporation case in 2000, a lung cancer victim filed a lawsuit against her previous employer. In July of 1992, the plaintiff learned that her lung cancer was either from smoking or asbestos.

A doctor later confirmed her lung cancer was indeed caused by asbestos exposure. In October of 1994, she filed the lawsuit, but since the lawsuit was filed three months after the two-year statute of limitations, her case was dismissed.

In addition to the statute of limitations in Idaho, there is also a cap on the maximum amount of damages a victim can receive. The total amount a victim can receive in Idaho is currently $250,000.

Idaho Statute of Limitations on Mesothelioma and Asbestos Cases

Idaho Code § 5-201 et seq., which implements personal injury statutes, also applies to the statute of limitations for asbestos cases in Idaho. Plaintiffs must file their lawsuit within two years of discovering the disease, or within two years of the victim’s date of death for asbestos-related wrongful death lawsuits. Although there isn’t a specific statute in regards to asbestos lawsuits, the personal injury statutes of limitations are strictly adhered to when plaintiffs file an asbestos-related lawsuit.

Getting Legal Assistance in Idaho

Remember, if you’ve been diagnosed with mesothelioma, asbestos-related lung cancer, or asbestosis, you may qualify for significant compensation. Get our free Financial Compensation Packet for information on the top mesothelioma and asbestos lawyers in your area. For questions and assistance, feel free to contact us at 800-793-4540.