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Birmingham Mesothelioma Lawyer

Birmingham was once a thriving southern city in the iron, steel, and railroad industries. Some of the nation’s largest steel companies, such as U.S. Steel, were located in Birmingham. Up until the early 1980s, these industries, along with many others in Birmingham, used asbestos in their products, buildings, and equipment.

Decades after the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) placed regulations on asbestos use, former Birmingham workers are still being diagnosed with asbestos-related diseases after inhaling the mineral’s dangerous fibers while at work.

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Birmingham Steel Corporation

Founded in the early 1980s, the Birmingham Steel Corporation was a large company that employed over 1,500 workers in its various locations across the United States. At the Birmingham facility, massive amounts of steel compounds were produced regularly.

The machinery and equipment used to manufacture the steel compounds were made with asbestos, much like most other steel companies. Consequently, workers were placed in danger each day of ingesting large amounts of airborne asbestos fibers. As the company increased in size, more and more workers faced exposure. Eventually asbestos was banned from use at the steel company’s factories, but it came much too late as many had already been exposed to the harmful effects of asbestos.

Alabama Drydock & Shipping Company

Alabama Drydock & Shipping Company (ADDSCO) was built in 1917 as a World War II emergency shipbuilding facility. Although ADDSCO used massive amounts of asbestos, a 1944 Industrial Health Survey failed to alert employees of its dangers or that there was even large amounts of asbestos at the job site. As a result, a $1 million lawsuit was filed against ADDSCO several years later when workers started to develop asbestos-related illnesses. Most of the plaintiffs worked for ADDSCO for anywhere from 20 to 40 years.

Additional Job Sites Associated with Asbestos Use in Birmingham

Steel Companies

  • Alabama Steel and Shipbuilding
  • Alabama Steel Drum
  • Bristol Steel
  • Conner Steel
  • Crawford Boiler & Steel
  • Southern Iron and Steel Company
  • Sheffield Steel and Iron Company

Power Companies

  • Alabama Power & Light
  • Birmingham Power Company
  • Gunns Power Plant (Avondale)

Chemical Companies

  • Alliance Chemical
  • Allied Chemical
  • Olin Mathieson Chemical Corporation

Other Businesses

  • Birmingham Oil Mills, Inc.
  • Birmingham Stove & Range Co.
  • Birmingham Water Works Co.
  • Daniel Construction Company
  • East Thomas Shops
  • Kilby Car & Foundry Company
  • Moore Handley Hardware
  • Republic Iron and Steel
  • Southern Cotton Oil Company
  • St. Margaret Hospital
  • University of Alabama Medical Center
  • Western Grain Company
  • Wimberly and Thomas Hardware (1st Avenue location)
  • Vulcan Materials
  • Foremost Dairies Incorporated
  • E.I Du Pont De Nemours and Company

Asbestos Statistics in Birmingham

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), Birmingham has had a total of 2,058 tons of asbestos shipped into the city, making it one of the top cities in Alabama for the highest rates of mesothelioma and asbestosis.

Getting Medical Help in Birmingham

It’s important to seek treatment from a comprehensive cancer care physician who specializes in asbestos-related diseases. These types of diseases are still so new in the medical field, and not all physicians will be able to provide the same type of treatment. The following are among a few of the physicians in Birmingham who provide specialized treatment for asbestos-related illnesses.

  • Dr. Robert Cerfolio: Specialization: Pleural Mesothelioma; 1802 6th Avenue, Birmingham, Alabama, 35233, 205-934-4011
  • Dr. Tina E. Wood, UAB Hospital Kirklin Clinic, 2000 6th Avenue, Birmingham, Alabama, 35223, 205-934-9591
  • Dr. Francisco Robert-Vizcarrondo, UAB Hospital Kirklin Clinic, 2000 6th Avenue South Birmingham, Alabama, 35233, 205-934-9999
  • Dr. Douglas J. Minnich, UAB Hospital Kirklin Clinic, 2000 6th Avenue South, Birmingham, Alabama 35249, 205-934-9999

Getting Legal Help in Birmingham

If you or a loved one are suffering due to mesothelioma, asbestos-related lung cancer, or asbestosis, keep in mind that you may be eligible for a substantial amount of compensation. Don’t forget to fill out our form to get our free Financial Compensation Packet, filled with information on the leading asbestos and mesothelioma attorneys in your area. For additional assistance, contact us toll-free at 800-793-4540.