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Virginia Mesothelioma Lawyer

Although asbestos use in job sites has ceased substantially since the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) implemented strict regulations in the late 1970s, Virginians still face asbestos exposure via natural mind deposits all across the state. Most people affected in Virginia, however, were exposed to the dangerous mineral while working jobs that used asbestos. The exposure was so significant in the state that it currently ranks in the top 10 in the United States for the most asbestos-related deaths.

If you have mesothelioma, asbestos-related lung cancer, or asbestosis, you may be eligible for significant compensation. Currently, there is over $30 billion in asbestos trust funds, set up for those who have been diagnosed with an asbestos-related illness. Fill out our form to get a free Financial Compensation Packet. You’ll learn about the top mesothelioma lawyers in Virginia, how to get paid in 90 days, how to file a claim for the asbestos trust funds, and more.

Virginia State

We are pleased to offer assistance to asbestos victims and their families in all areas of Virginia, including:

Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Arlington, Richmond, Newport News, Alexandria, Hampton, Roanoke, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Lynchburg, Centreville, Dale, Reston, Harrisonburg, McLean, Tuckahoe, Leesburg, Ashburn, Charlottesville, Lake Ridge, Burke, Blacksburg, Danville, Annandale, Linton Hall, Manassas, Marumsco, Mechanicsville, Oakton, Petersburg, Fair Oaks, Springfield, West Falls Church, Fredericksburg, Winchester, Sterling, Cave Spring, Salem, Short Pump, Lincolnia, Herndon, Staunton, Bailey’s Crossroads, South Riding, Fairfax, Chester, West Springfield, Hopewell, Chantilly, Christiansburg, Tysons Corner, Waynesboro, McNair, Woodlawn Cdp, Cherry Hill, Franklin Farm, Montclair, Lorton, Franconia, Rose Hill Cdp, Meadowbrook, Idylwood, Burke, Centre, Colonial Heights, Bristol, Radford, Culpeper, Fort Hunt, Sudley, Wolf Trap, Buckhall, Vienna, Great Falls, Manassas Park, Highland Springs, Bon Air, Laurel, Hybla, Valley Glen, Allen, Merrifield, Williamsburg, Kingstowne, Front Royal, Hollins, Groveton, East Highland Park, Bull Run, Kings Park, West Martinsville, Newington, Brandermill, Falls Church, Timberlake, Neabsco, Mount Vernon, Newington Forest, Cascades, Broadlands, and more.

Occupations Associated with Asbestos in Virginia

Several industries in Virginia were typical in regards to using asbestos prior to the EPA regulations on the use of the dangerous mineral. Paper mills, automotive companies, oil rigs, power plants, chemical corporations, and shipbuilding were some of the more common occupations associated with asbestos use in Virginia.

DuPont Chemical, Richmond, Virginia

DuPont Chemical was known for its asbestos use in a plethora of products, clothing, machinery, and equipment. According to the Political Economy Research Institute of the University of Massachusetts (UMASS), DuPont was once an industry that produced the largest amount of pollution in the United States.

In 2009, it was listed on the Top 100 Toxic Corporations. Its largest plant, located in Richmond, Virginia, not only exposed its workers to asbestos but also put residents in direct dangers.

The use of asbestos went on from the 1930s until 1980. Consequently, in 2010, during a lawsuit, a representative of DuPont admitted that the company used asbestos in pipes, burners, boilers, tanks, ovens, and furnaces for decades. In addition, the required clothing provided by DuPont and worn by employees was riddled with asbestos.

Several employees were filing lawsuits throughout the years before the 2010 lawsuit after they became ill. In fact, one victim who lost his lawsuit died of mesothelioma in 2008.

Most already suspected asbestos was the culprit, but the company initially denied the allegations even though there was evidence stemming back to the 1930s. Even after asbestos was found to be harmful, DuPont didn’t let their employees know. Other victims were able to settle out of court, while some ended up going to trial.

Finally, in 2011, a judge granted a new trial to the man who died in 2008.

Surry Power Station, Isle of Wight, Virginia

Another company is known for asbestos, Surry Power Station, put workers at risk when they were sent to repair a nuclear power plant. Even though safety officials for the power station assured the workers that they wouldn’t be exposed to asbestos, tons of fibers permeated throughout the air when the workers torched old pipes.

Although the amount of asbestos is not known, at least a dozen workers were reported to have asbestos all over their clothes.

Other Job Sites in Virginia Associated with Asbestos

Chemical Plants

  • Allied Chemical Corporation, Chesterfield
  • General Chemical Company, Fort Royal
  • Olin Mathieson Chemical Corporation, Pulaski

Power Companies

  • Virginia Electric and Power (Amoco, Surry)
  • Bremo Bluff Power Station (Bremo Bluff )
  • Dominion Virginia Power (Bremo Bluff, Dominion)
  • Appalachian Electric Power Company, (Carbo, Glen Lyn, Narrows)
  • Chesterfield Power Station (Chesterfield )
  • Dutch Gap Power Plant (Chesterfield)
  • Possum Point Power Station (Dumfries)
  • American Electric Power Company (Glen Lyn)
  • Hercules Power Company (Peppers)

Paper Mills

  • Georgia Pacific-Big Island Paper Mill (Big Island)
  • Owens-Illinois Paper Mill (Big Island)
  • Columbian Paper Mill (Bristol)
  • Covington Paper Mill (Covington)
  • Saint Laurent Paper (West Point)
  • Chesapeake Paper Powerhouse (Chesapeake)
  • Westvaco Paper Mill (Covington)
  • West Virginia Pulp and Paper (Covington; later moved to Richmond)


  • Lyon Shipyard (Norfolk)
  • Colonna’s Shipyard (Norfolk)
  • Newport News Naval Shipyard (Newport News)
  • Little Creek Naval Base (Norfolk)

Virginia Asbestos-Related Statistics

  • According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), over 1,300 people died from asbestos-related diseases from 1979-2001
  • From 1999-2008 alone, 884 people died from either mesothelioma or asbestosis.
  • Newport News leads in the most asbestos-related deaths in Virginia, followed by Hampton, Portsmouth, and Chesapeake.
  • Virginia currently ranks as #10 for the most asbestos-related deaths. California is ranked #1 with anywhere from 2,276 to 3,795 deaths.
  • Mesothelioma cancer is the leading type of asbestos-related disease in Virginia.

Virginia Asbestos Laws

The Commonwealth of Virginia follows NESHAP federal regulations regarding asbestos removal. The regulations are administered by the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry. The Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation handles the required licensure. The following are a few of the state regulations strictly enforced in Virginia:

  • The state requires that if a space of 10 square feet needs to be cleared of asbestos material, that state will require notification prior to removal.
  • The state doesn’t require notification if the asbestos is of a non-friable nature, as long as OSHA work procedures are in place. If the asbestos material is in a deteriorating state, then a notification is required prior to removal.
  • Any asbestos that is considered friable cannot be used, moved, or disposed of without notifying the state beforehand.
  • Virginia requires, at all time, that a permit be held while working around asbestos. The permit must be obtained prior to the work. Permits are typically given within seven days after the state accepts an asbestos notification form along with the permit fee.

For more detailed information on asbestos laws and regulations in Virginia, as well as any asbestos-related concerns or questions, contact the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry.

Getting Medical Help in Virginia

If you’ve been diagnosed with an asbestos-related illness, it’s important to seek treatment from physicians and clinics that specifically specialize in these types of illnesses. Currently, there are three established cancer centers in Virginia that are backed by the National Cancer Institute (NCI). An NCI-designated cancer center is considered a leading center with the most up-to-date treatment options, extensive research, and the most prominent physician and scientists in the cancer field.

  • Massey Cancer Center: Virginia Commonwealth University, 401 College Street, Richmond Virginia, 23298; General Information: 804-828-0450
  • University of Virginia Cancer Center: 6171 West Complex, Charlottesville, Virginia, 22908; General Information: 434-924-3627

Virginia Statute of Limitations for Asbestos Lawsuits

Residents of Virginia who plan to file an asbestos-related lawsuit must adhere to the strictly enforced statute of limitations which mandate that the plaintiff must file the case within two years of diagnosis, or within two years of the time it should have been reasonably diagnosed. For wrongful death lawsuits associated with asbestos, the plaintiff must file within two years of the victim’s death.

Legal Assistance in Virginia

If you or your loved one have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, asbestos-related lung cancer, or asbestosis, keep in mind that you may qualify for significant compensation. Remember to fill out our form to get your free Financial Compensation Packet, with information on asbestos and mesothelioma lawyers. For additional assistance, contact us at 800-793-4540.