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Mesothelioma, a life-threatening type of cancer that is aggressive and spreads resists treatment has been linked to prolonged exposure to asbestos. Many people who were victims of exposure at work or in their homes are seeking the advice of a mesothelioma law firm to get justice and to help them cover the overwhelming expenses associated with this disease.

Most victims were exposed to asbestos at work. In many cases, the manufacturers of asbestos and asbestos-containing materials knew of the hidden dangers and risks of asbestos, yet failed to inform the workers. Because of this, people who developed health issues from asbestos exposure may be eligible for financial compensation to cover expenses such as lost wages, medical bills, emotional suffering, physical pain, and more.

If you suffer from mesothelioma, asbestos-related lung cancer, or asbestosis, you may be eligible for a large amount of compensation. Currently, there is over $30 billion in asbestos trust funds, set up for those who have been diagnosed with an asbestos-related illness. Fill out our form to receive our free Financial Compensation Packet. Our packet is loaded with information on leading mesothelioma attorneys in your area, how to file a claim for asbestos trust funds, how to get paid in 90 days, and more.

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Why You Need a Mesothelioma Law Firm

Law firms specializing in mesothelioma focus primarily on victims of asbestos exposure who have developed cancer or any other asbestos-related diseases. For the best chance of a positive outcome for an asbestos case, it is important to choose legal representation with relevant experience. General personal injury lawyers may not have the expertise or the knowledge of complicated asbestos laws. You need a legal team that specializes in mesothelioma cases.

Attorneys at asbestos law firms have a deep knowledge of federal and state laws regarding asbestos use and how it has been used in a range of industries where workers were exposed. They also have sharp investigative skills and are able to dig deep to uncover when and where companies exposed workers to asbestos. You need the guidance and advice of this kind of law firm to have the best chance of a successful claim or lawsuit.

Review of Our Services

Dale R.“When dad was diagnosed with mesothelioma, our world was turned upside down. Not knowing what to do next, I researched and interviewed many firms. Some firms were nothing more than marketers. Others offered up call screeners to take my name and number. And then there was Mesothelioma Lawyer Center. It was with them that I found peace, knowledge and professionalism. They have done everything they said they would do and then some. Contacting Mesothelioma Lawyer Center was the best decision I could have made for my family.”

~ Dale R.

How Can an Asbestos Law Firm Help Me?

The legal process can be confusing for lay people, especially victims of asbestos exposure who are battling serious illness. A good law firm can guide you and help you better understand the process, your options, and the likely outcomes. Asbestos lawyers can give you answers to important questions:

  • How Can I Prove there was Asbestos at My Workplace? If you can provide lawyers with your work history, they will investigate and determine how asbestos was used at your workplace. In some cases, they may already have the information available.
  • Do I Have a Valid Asbestos Claim? Law firms specializing in asbestos cases know what you need to have a true asbestos claim. They can determine how strong your case is and estimate the chances that you’ll have a successful outcome. Experienced attorneys won’t take your case unless they are certain it is strong.
  • What is My Case Worth? If the firm decides you have an asbestos case, they will then be able to come up with an estimated figure for how much you may be able to expect in compensation. This estimation is based on past expenses, daily expenses, medical bills, lost wages, emotional trauma, physical suffering, future expenses, and much more. Keep in mind that no lawyer, no matter how experienced, can guarantee you a certain amount.
  • Who is Responsible for My Illness? It can be difficult for the average person to determine who exactly is responsible for exposing victims to asbestos. For example, companies can move, go out of business, hide, suppress relevant information, and change ownership. Part of the law firm’s job is to research, seek out, and determine the entity or responsible parties liable for your exposure to asbestos and resulting illness.

How to Choose the Best Asbestos Law Firm

Simply choosing a law firm that claims to specialize in asbestos cases is not enough. Some firms may be a better fit for you than others, and some may advertise taking on asbestos cases while in reality they take on all kinds of cases. In addition to choosing lawyers you feel comfortable with, consider these factors:

  • The law firm should be able to prove it has experience in dealing with mesothelioma cases.
  • The law firm should be extremely knowledgeable in asbestos laws and prior cases.
  • The law firm should not only understand asbestos laws, but should also have extensive knowledge of medical problems associated with asbestos diseases.
  • Look for a law firm that focuses solely on asbestos-related cases.
  • Look for law firms with a stellar reputation in handling asbestos cases.
  • The law firm should always keep you updated on what’s going on in your case.
  • A reputable firm will give you an initial consultation at no charge before deciding on a firm.
  • Never go with a law firm that promises you a certain outcome. A good firm will explain your chances, but will never guarantee a win.

Who Are the Leading Asbestos Attorneys in My Area?

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Working with an Asbestos Law Firm

There are things you can do to make sure the legal process goes as smoothly as possible and that your legal team has what they need to make your case. First, make all of your medical documents available to your lawyers. Next, be prepared to provide the law firm with your work history and information including the full company names, addresses, phone numbers, your job roles, and how long and when you worked at each job.

Finally, start keeping track of all expenses used pertaining to your disease. For example, always keep a copy of medical bills, hospital visits, mileage used to get to appointments, medical supplies, and any other expense you paid out due to your illness.

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How Asbestos Law Firms Charge for Services

A law firm experienced experienced in working with clients with asbestos-related diseases realize they are usually unable to afford up-front fees for legal representation. For this reason many firms work on what’s known as a contingency fee basis, meaning that they only get paid when you get paid.

Law firms usually charge based on a percentage taken out of your total settlement or verdict amount, and again, the percentage amount will vary depending upon the firm. Make sure you understand how the fees and percentages work with the firm beforehand so that there will be no confusion later on.

If a law firm doesn’t provide a contingency fee option for payment, there is a good chance that they don’t have the financial resources to successfully research and prove your case. Select a firm that has the financial capability to take on your case on a contingency fee basis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to go to court?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions, which is understandable, as most people who are dealing with an asbestos-related illness generally do not want to spend time in a court room. Most mesothelioma lawsuits are settled out of court, so going to trial is unusual.

In some instances, if both sides fail to reach an agreement on a settlement, you may have to go to trial, which requires going to court. An experienced law firm will help you through every step of the way, and if you are too ill to attend, arrangements can be made to record your testimony beforehand.

What if I don’t know which company exposed me to asbestos?

Part of an asbestos law firm’s job is to uncover the parties responsible for your asbestos exposure. The culpable parties are typically manufacturers who supplied asbestos to job sites, which could be one or multiple companies.

I have workers’ compensation benefits. Can a law firm still help me even if I have other compensation benefits?

Other compensation benefits, such as workers’ compensation or VA benefits, do not disqualify you from seeking compensation from the companies who exposed you to asbestos. An asbestos law firm can help you file a lawsuit against the responsible parties.

Where Can I Get Help Finding an Experienced Asbestos Law Firm?

Simply fill out our form to get your free Financial Compensation Packet, with information on top asbestos and mesothelioma lawyers in your area. For additional assistance, contact us at 800-793-4540. 

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  • Info on law firms that will recover your highest compensation
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  • File for your share of $30 billion in trust funds
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