Seward Ship’s Drydock

Based out of Alaska, Seward Ship’s Drydock was one the many shipyards that saw a surge in business for needed vessel repair. Seward Ship’s Drydock opened in the 1970s, but it was still during a time when asbestos was used, even though many reports of its toxic nature were already made public. In addition, workers at the shipyard worked on older ships that were filled with asbestos. This left a plethora of workers at risk for life-threatening illnesses.

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Seward Ship’s Drydock

Seward’s Ship Drydock History

During the 1970s, there was an urgent need to vessel repairs, and Seward Ship’s Drydock helped the growing need when it opened its doors in 1973. The business repaired marine fishing ship at a small facility in Seward, Alaska, but after a large increase in business, the company moved to a larger industrial park, and continued to repair an array of vessels of all sizes.

In 1979, Seward Ship’s Drydock leased a marine railway facility at Lowell Point. They rebuilt the 300 ton facility and stayed in operations until 1985, when the company began offering services to vessels at the Seward Marine Industrial Center.

In addition, the company leased an additional two acres at the facility and continued with drydock and vessel repair work. This led to an 11-acre expansion, which included over two thousand square feet of offices and covered areas for work.

Seward’s Ship Drydock Asbestos Use

Similar to many other shipyards in the past, workers at  Seward’s Ship Drydock were exposed daily to asbestos. The asbestos exposure mainly came from old ships that were littered with asbestos.

Since the shipyard repaired older vessels that were made with asbestos, workers at Seward’s Ship Drydock faced constant risk of developing a toxic illness as the worked in boiler rooms, repaired floor panels and ceilings, and repaired insulation.

Down the road, lung related ailments such as asbestosis or mesothelioma can be linked directly to prior asbestos exposure. Frequently, the correlation between respiratory ailments and asbestosis, as well mesothelioma is not immediately recognized.

All shipyard employees, past and present, should be examined for respiratory complications. Medical, legal, and emotional support frameworks are available for patients in a number of different capacities. Prompt diagnosis is paramount to effective treatment of symptoms as a result of asbestos exposure.

Seward’s Ship Drydock Today

Currently, Seward Ships Drydock Inc. repairs all kinds of vessels, no matter how large or small. According to its official website, repair services include welding, shafting, sandblasting, full-service electrical installation and repair, mechanical repair, hydraulics, and more.

Additional Help and Resources for Asbestos Victims

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