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Mesothelioma is a terrible disease, an aggressive and fast type of cancer that is challenging to diagnose and treat. For too many the prognosis is not positive and the experience of living with this illness can be very challenging. What we aim to provide both the people who received the diagnosis, and the people who care about them, is a complete set of resources and information, completely free of charge.

With our FREE Mesothelioma Guide, you get information but also an important sense of doing something to fight this disease. When you first get the diagnosis of mesothelioma, the news is overwhelming. You may not be sure where to turn or what to do next. You may be told that you have a lot of decisions to make and expensive treatments to undergo and pay for. The next step may be difficult to determine, but one definite and positive thing you can do is get more information. Be empowered by learning more about your disease, your options, and your rights.

Our Mesothelioma Guide, completely free of cost to you, comes with several important components, all of them designed to give you the information and resources you need to make important choices moving forward:


  • Mesothelioma Resources – A comprehensive collection of information all about mesothelioma that will help you make informed choices.

Our mesothelioma resources guide provides you with all the basic information you need to know about mesothelioma. This includes general information about the disease, treatment options, locations of cancer centers and those that specialize in diagnosing and treating mesothelioma, as well as contact information for these medical experts. You will also find practical information about nutrition and lifestyle for cancer patients and the information you need to contact and reach out to the support groups that will help you get through this difficult time.

  • The Dangers of Asbestos – Specialized information for U.S. military veterans and their families who may have been exposed to asbestos.

In our mesothelioma guide, we also provide a free book with information about asbestos, the leading cause of mesothelioma. This book is especially important for U.S. veterans, the largest sub-population affected by mesothelioma. Too many of the men and women who served our country were unknowingly exposed to asbestos, particularly on Naval ships. This book offers information on asbestos use in the military, how it causes mesothelioma, and resources and legal rights for veterans.

  • Financial Compensation Packet – Your go-to guide for understanding your legal rights and getting compensated for your diagnosis.

Your number one concern after a diagnosis of mesothelioma should be getting the best possible medical care. Too often, though, patients are forced to worry about the costs of that care. Without excellent insurance, the cost of treating cancer can be astronomical. With our financial compensation packet, you will get information on getting get the money you need to get the care you need. We provide you with information on how to actually get paid in 90 days, how to find a leading mesothelioma lawyer, and how to file for compensation through asbestos trust funds. You have legal rights when it comes to mesothelioma, and you may be eligible for monetary compensation. Let us help you figure out how to get it.

All of this information is crucial for taking your next steps on your mesothelioma journey, and it can be yours at absolutely no cost. Our experts have collected all the information and the resources for guiding you as you seek a correct diagnosis, appropriate treatment, financial support, and legal support. It is all gathered together in one concise set of documents, our FREE Mesothelioma Guide. Going forward, you need information and support, and we can provide it.

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