Orange Shipbuilding Company

Orange Shipbuilding Company, now known as Conrad Industries, was created years after most of the nation’s shipyards used asbestos-containing products. However, prior to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) phase out of asbestos use at shipyards and other businesses, Orange Shipbuilding used the toxic mineral in towboat engine rooms and in other facilities, placing workers at direct risk of developing life-threatening illnesses.

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Vessel at Orange Shipbuilding

History of Orange Shipbuilding Company

The Orange Shipbuilding Company was founded by Tommy Clary in 1974 in Orange, Texas. Clary developed the company on 12 acres, situated less than an hour away from the Gulf of Mexico.

The shipbuilding company started out repairing towboats and tugboats and in some instances, passenger boats. As business expanded, numerous construction bays were constructed in order for several boats to be repaired at the same time. With the development of the new construction bays, hundreds of workers were hired to fill the demand of getting the boats repaired and/or upgraded as soon as possible.

During the 1990s, Orange Shipbuilding expanded once again and began shipping open lighters and tank barges to the United States Navy. In addition, the company began constructing towboats for the Corps of Engineers, which eventually led to Conrad Industries purchasing the ship company in 1997.

Orange Shipbuilding and Asbestos Use

As mentioned earlier, since Orange Shipbuilding got a late start, it wasn’t around when the majority of other shipyards in the nation were using large amounts of asbestos. However, between the mid 1970s until around the mid 1980s, the company used asbestos and asbestos-containing products in its towboat engine rooms.

Furthermore, the facilities were stocked with asbestos-containing materials previously, and were not removed or abated prior to hundreds of employees and contractors working at the shipyard.

The majority of these workers failed to use proper safety gear, even though by that time, the company was well aware of the dangers of asbestos. Although the use of asbestos at Orange Shibuilding wasn’t as extensive as some of the older and larger shipyards, workers were still placed at risk each day they went to work, especially those working in the engine rooms.

Since asbestos-related diseases can have a dormancy period of up to 50 years, there is a chance that those who once worked at Orange Shipbuilding have still yet to be diagnosed. If you or a loved one worked at the shipyard, it’s important to seek routine medical care as soon as possible.

It’s also important to note that asbestos-related symptoms mimic common ailments such as the cold or a flu. Chest congestion, fatigue, coughing, and fever are often some of the first signs of mesothelioma. However, the sooner it’s diagnosed and treatment begins, the better the chances of a longer survival rate.

Orange Shipbuilding Today

Orange Shipbuilding remains under Conrad Industries today. The company continues to build tugboats, as well as ferries and deck barges. It also repairs and overhauls numerous types of vessels, including cargo ships, container ships, marine craft, fishing vessels, trawlers, tankers and more. The company no longer uses asbestos in any of its products.

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