Brown Shipbuilding (Todd Houston Shipyard)

Brown Shipbuilding, located in Houston, Texas, had the important role of building vessels for the military. Yet, regardless of how productive the shipyard once was, workers were exposed to large amounts of asbestos on a daily basis, leading to life-threatening diseases such as mesothelioma and asbestos-related lung cancer.

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Brown Shipbuilding

Brown Shipbuilding History

The Brown Shipbuilding Company was created in 1942 for the sole purpose of building vessels for the United States Navy. The idea of the new shipyard began in 1941 when the Navy asked brothers George R. Brown and Herman Brown to build four submarine chasers for the military. Although the brothers had no prior shipbuilding experience, they did help build Corpus Christi’s Naval Air Station. In turn, with $9 in funding from the Navy, Brown Shipbuilding was created in time to help with the efforts of World War II.

Once the submarine chasers were built, Brown shipbuilding continue to build and deliver ships, including 61 destroyer escorts, 254 amphibious assault ships, and over 350 Navy warships in total.  When World War II ended, however, Brown Shipbuilding was sold to the Todd Houston Shipbuilding Company. Todd Houston Shipbuilding, also known as the Todd Houston Shipyard, closed its doors in 1985, and once again the shipyard went back to the Brown and Root, where it was used as a ship construction and repair site until 2004.

Once of the most famous vessels constructed at Brown Shipbuilding was the United States Coast Guard destroyer, the USS Vance. Almost all all destroyers during that time, including the USS Vance, were built with excessive amounts of asbestos-containing products, including asbestos-containing insulation.

Brown Shipbuilding Asbestos

In addition to destroyers, all kinds of vessels were created with asbestos. In fact, prior to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) and Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) strict regulations on asbestos use in the late 1970s, most shipyards across the nation used asbestos.

At Brown Shipbuilding, asbestos in vessels were found in the walls, bulkheads, engine rooms, and covering pipes, gaskets, and furnaces. Power lines were also wrapped in asbestos-containing mix because it’s excellent for resisting heat and fire.

Brown Shipbuilding workers were constantly inhaling asbestos-filled dust each day and for numerous years. As with many other shipyards, Brown shipyard workers were not required to and did not wear wear protective gear while working. None of the workers were the damage that could occur when inhaling asbestos fibers.

The U.S. Navy confirmed that over 250 asbestos-containing products were used in shipyards across the nation, many of which were used at Brown Shipbuilding. Scientists estimate that in total, over 4 million shipyard workers were exposed to asbestos while working in shipyards during World War II alone.

Numerous workers from Brown Shipbuilding began developing life-threatening diseases, such as malignant mesothelioma, asbestos-related lung cancer, and asbestosis. To make matters worse, many children and spouses of Brown Shipbuilding workers eventually developed asbestos-related diseases as well, via second-hand exposure to asbestos. Most Brown Shipbuilding shipyard workers did not shower nor change clothes before returning home. In turn, many children and spouses unknowingly inhaled asbestos via the worker’s clothing.

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