The Flexitallic Group, formerly known as Flexitallic Gasket Company or simply Flexitallic, is a manufacturer of gaskets, fiber sheets, and other static sealing materials. Although the company doesn’t use asbestos in its products today, its past extensive use of the toxic mineral resulted in a string of asbestos-related lawsuits. Consequently, the corporation that acquired Flexitallic was forced to file for bankruptcy and set up an asbestos trust fund in order handle the mounting claims.

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Flexitallic History

Although Flexitallic was founded in the early 1960s, its roots began in the 19th century in England. During the 1920s, the company relocated to New Jersey and created the first spiral-wound industrial gasket. Afterwards, Flexitallic created and manufactured several other gaskets that were distributed to various businesses.

In 1963, the company was purchased by investors and renamed the Flexitallic Gasket Company. A few years later, Turner & Newall Ltd., an England asbestos corporation, purchased the company. Flexitallic was relocated to Connecticut and renamed Flexitallic, Inc.. The named changed once again a few years later to Gasket Holdings, Inc.

In 1997, Turner & Newall sold the company to Dan-Loc Bolt and Gasket. The name of the company was changed to its final name, The Flexitallic Group. Although Turner & Newell sold the company, it promised to protect the new owners, Dan-Loc Bolt and Gasket, from any asbestos-claims and lawsuits. Since Flexitallic used an exorbitant amount of asbestos in its products, future lawsuits were expected.

Flexitallic Asbestos Lawsuits

By 1998, a slew of asbestos-related lawsuits began flooding in, placing Turner & Newell in dire financial straits. Consequently, the Federal-Mogul Corporation purchased the company, and agreed to take on all of its asbestos lawsuits and claims.

However, by 2001, the sheer amount of asbestos-related claims also left Federal-Mogul in a financial hardship, which eventually led to Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Yet, in order to file bankruptcy, Federal Mogul Inc. agreed to a reorganization plan which included creating an asbestos trust fund to compensate all pending and future lawsuits.

For more information on Federal-Mogul’s asbestos trust fund, refer to our article Federal-Mogul Corporation.

Occupations Affected by Flexitallic

Unfortunately, since Flexitallic’s asbestos-containing products were distributed to numerous companies, people in many different occupations and industries were affected. The following are the most common occupations that were affected, which led to thousands of employees and contractors developing dangerous, life-threatening diseases:

  • Flexitallic product manufacture workers
  • Refinery workers
  • Boiler workers
  • Shipyard workers
  • Pipe fitters

The most typical product made by Flexitallic that affected workers the most was the spiral-wound industrial gasket, which was filled with asbestos. Flexitallic chose to use asbestos due its heat and fire resistance, durability, its easiness to mix in with other materials, and its cheap price. However, in 1992, Flexitallic discontinued the use of asbestos in all products.

Flexitallic Today

The Flexitallic Group is currently still in operations, with its headquarters based out of Houston, Texas. The company focuses on manufacturing numerous types of gaskets, as well as numerous static sealing products.

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