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Ehret Magnesia Manufacturing Company was a business that provided asbestos pipe insulation, among many other asbestos-containing products, for many decades. Although the company had knowledge on the hazardous health affects of asbestos exposure, it continued to use the toxic mineral. As a result, numerous employees and contractors began developing fatal illnesses. A myriad of lawsuits against Ehret Magnesia followed, which eventually led to the company that acquired Ehret Magnesia filing for bankruptcy.

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Ehret Magnesia History

When Ehret Magnesia was founded in 1897, it began manufacturing asbestos pipe insulation. The company created two brand names for its pipe insulation: Durocel and Thermalite. The company’s two insulation products became so popular that both became signature brands. As the company expanded, so did its product line, which included adding thermal insulation and construction supplies. The new products were created with raw asbestos and limestone mine materials.

Up until the late 1960s, Ehret Magnesia continued making asbestos-containing products even though documents show that the company was fully aware of the dangerous associated with ingesting asbestos fibers. In fact, in 1959, Ehret Magnesia merged with another company that created asbestos-containing products, Baldwin-Hill. The merger formed Baldwin-Ehret-Hill, and lasted until 1968, when the company was bought out by Keene Corporation.

Under the Keene Corporation, no asbestos-containing products were manufactured, but the company continued to sell Ehret Magnesia’s products. In addition to acquiring Ehret Magnesia’s products, Keene Corporation also took on thousands of asbestos-related claims.

Ehret Magnesia/Keene Corporation Lawsuits

In 1971, Keene Corporation began the process of fighting asbestos-related claims. The majority of the claims came from employees and contractors who worked decades ago for Ehret Magnesia. Yet, as aforementioned, since Keene acquired Ehret Magnesia, it also took on all of its asbestos claims.

By the end of 1991, over 2,400 asbestos-related claims had been taken care of. However, Keene still faced over 9,000 pending cases. The numbers quickly increased to over 100,000. In 1996,  still facing an overwhelming amount of cases, Keene filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The company came out of bankruptcy in 1996, and soon after created an asbestos trust fund entitled the Keene Creditors Trust. The trust fund was set up pay all pending and future asbestos-related claims.

Ehret Magnesia Faces Fines for Illegal Dumping

In Jan. 1997, workers at Pennsylvania’s Valley Forge State Park found that soil in the park had been contaminated by an asbestos-containing fiber optic cable. The cable was located close to the site where Ehret Magnesia once manufactured its products. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that Ehret Magnesia had been illegally dumping their waste materials into the Schuylkill River and into abandoned pits. The illegal activity had went on for decades.

Consequently, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) declared the area as an emergency hazardous territory in which immediate clean-up was needed. Shortly after, the area was cordoned off and the asbestos was wet down to reduce the chance of people ingesting airborne asbestos fibers.

In 2013, the clean-up began, which included excavating and transporting contaminated soil over a 112-acre area in the Valley Forge National Historic Park. The clean-up was completed in 2014, and the park re-opened.

Asbestos-Containing Products Made by Ehret Magnesia

Although asbestos pipes were the company’s most-used product, Ehret Magnesia has a myriad of asbestos-containing products, including the following:

  • Ehret Air Cell
  • Ehret Fiberkote
  • Ehret Enduro High Temperature Blocks
  • Ehret  Asbestos Sponge Felt
  • Ehret Asbestos Paper
  • Ehret Asbestos Millboard
  • Ehret Asbestos Wick and Rope
  • Baldwin  Mono-Block (asbestos covering)
  • Valley Forge asbestos sheets
  • Valley Forge asbestos packing
  • Valley Forge asbestos gaskets
  • Thermasil insulation
  • Thermacil cement
  • Thermacil asbestos block
  • Number One insulating cement
  • Mono-block insulating cement

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