Page Updated: June 15, 2019

Congoleum Corporation

The Congoleum Corporation is a flooring manufacturer based out of Mercerville, New Jersey. Although the company is still in operation today, it faced numerous asbestos lawsuits after it extensively used asbestos-containing products. Consequently, Congoleum filed for bankruptcy to help compensate the mounting asbestos claims.

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Congoleum Corporation History

Congoleum established in 1886 as a simulated wood flooring and floor cloth manufacturer. Its first headquarters were in Kirkcaldy, Scotland, after founder Michael Nairn started selling sailcloth and painted floor cloths. Nairn’s son, Sir Michael Nairn, purchased the company from his father and moved its headquarters to Mercerville, New Jersey.

Sir Michael Nairn began manufacturing linoleum flooring in the U.S. under the name Nairn Linoleum. Eventually, the company began a partnership with a Congoleum supplier. Shortly after, the company’s name changed to Congoleum-Nairn.

During the 1950s, the company added vinyl flooring for its stylish looks and inexpensive price. Business began to expand rapidly, and in the 1960s, the company changed its name once again to Congoleum Corporation.

In 1993, Congoleum began a merger with Amtico Floors, and bought a 513,000-square-foot building in order to manufacture and distribute its products throughout the U.S. and Canada.

As with most manufacturers in the past, Congoleum heavily relied on asbestos for its fire and heat-resistance properties. Before the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) strict regulations on asbestos use, Congoleum used asbestos in a number of products. The products were then delivered to multiple distributors. From 1943 to 1987, Congoleum manufactured the following asbestos-containing products:

  • Asphalt tiles
  • Sheet flooring
  • Countertops
  • Gold Seal flooring products
  • Cushioned vinyl
  • Flor-Ever vinyl products
  • Ultraflor products
  • Dynasty products

Congoleum Corporation Lawsuits

After an influx of asbestos-related lawsuits against the company, Congoleum attempted to file for bankruptcy in 1993. However, it wasn’t until 2010 before the company was allowed a reorganization plan. According to court documents, some of the people who filed claims stated that they were aware of asbestos as the products were labeled with warning. Yet, the majority of employees, customers, and installers never received any warnings.

In addition to Congoleum, many of the claims listed numerous other manufacturers as well. Since its insurance companies refused to pay compensation to the claimants, Congoleum was forced to handle and fight all asbestos-related claims.

In July 2010, the New Jersey District Court finally approved a reorganization plan for Congoleum. The company placed around $270 million into the trust. Over 50% of Congoleum’s stock was placed into the trust in order to pay claimants’ medical costs, as well as death benefits to those who passed away from asbestos illnesses.

Congoleum Corporation Today

Congoleum Corporation is still in operations, but none of its current products contain asbestos. In 2004, the company began a partnership with 3M, and started offering resilient flooring that contains Scotchgard Protector. Congoleum products are found in numerous retail stores across. The company’s manufacturing facilities are located in New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

Additional Resources and Legal Help for Asbestos Victims

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