Asbestos and Plant Workers

Plant workers once had one of the highest risks of developing mesothelioma and other asbestos illnesses when compared to other industries. In the past, a plethora of plants across the nation relied on asbestos in parts, equipment, machinery, and more, due to its ease of use and resistance to heat and fire. In turn, many plant workers are living with an asbestos illness or have passed away due to complications with an asbestos disease.

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About Plant Workers

Plant workers are responsible for a wide variety of job duties that all contribute to production work in factories. Examples of duties may include molding, smelting, cutting, and reshaping materials. Heavy equipment and machinery is almost always used for these job tasks, and often times, plant workers may also be responsible for the installation, repair, and upkeep of these machines.

Other duties plant workers can be responsible for include:

  • Working on production lines
  • Measuring and pouring ingredients
  • Scraping waste materials from machinery and equipment
  • Loading and unloading processing equipment
  • Pouring materials into machinery
  • Recording data
  • Reading gauges and more
  • Inspecting products for quality assurance
  • Sweeping up debris, which included asbestos debris and other toxins

Asbestos Exposure and Plant Workers

No matter what job duties plant workers were assigned to, the majority were at risk of asbestos exposure each time they went to work. As mentioned earlier, asbestos was once used in all kinds of plants products, materials, and machinery. Plants were also constructed with asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) and could be found in the insulation, flooring, wiring, and walls.

Plant workers were at an especially higher risk of developing an asbestos-related illness due to all the sanding, drilling, shaping, smelting, and cutting that takes places on a daily basis. Asbestos fibers were quickly released into the air, and workers ingested the tiny, odorless fibers without knowing it. Even worse, the health hazard went on for many decades, unreported by manufacturers that knew of the dangers of asbestos but kept the information disclosed in order to make a profit.

Studies on Asbestos and Plant Workers

Numerous scientific studies conducted on plant workers and asbestos indicate an extremely high rate of people in the industry developing asbestos illnesses, including malignant mesothelioma, asbestos-related lung cancer, and asbestosis.

In one particular study, carried out in 1968 by the  National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), results revealed that workers in plants, especially asbestos plants, developed lung cancer about twice as much as the general population. A total of 3,276 former plant workers were included in the study, of which 63 passed away from asbestos-related lung cancer.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that a study carried out in 1975 on plant workers revealed that out of the 2,722 men and 554 women studied, 49 men died from lung cancer, and 13 people died from mesothelioma, 4 of which were women. In addition, there were 76 deaths due to asbestosis. All workers included in the study worked at plants where asbestos exposure was common.

Additional Help and Resources for Plant Workers

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