M.H. Detrick Company

The M.H. Detrick Company is a heat refractory manufacturing company, based out of Mokena, Illinois. The company primarilyies suspended refractory constructions and industrial heat enclosures to various businesses. Although the company doesn’t use asbestos in its products anymore, its long association with using the toxic mineral in numerous products resulted in an onslaught of asbestos-related lawsuits and claims. In fact, the amount of cases against M.H. Detrick grew so high that the company filed for bankruptcy and created and asbestos trust fund to help compensate both pending and future asbestos cases.

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M.H. Detrick History

Founded in 1925, the M.H. Detrick Company started in Illinois as heat enclosure manufacturer. Although the company began as a relatively small business, it quickly became an industry leader in heat enclosures, and began adding various heat enclosure products to its line, such as refractory linings and steel.

However, the company’s created and distribution of refractory tiles is what pushed M.H. Detrick’s success even further. Known to withstand high heat and fire, refractory tiles (also known as fire bricks) were used in furnaces, fireplaces, heat enclosures, and kilns. Yet, the product’s resistance to heat and fire was contributed to asbestos, a deadly mineral known for its heat and fire resistance, its easy availability, and affordability.

M.H. Detrick used excessive amounts of asbestos in its products, leading to thousands of asbestos-related claims. In fact, court documents indicate that M.H. Detrick relied on asbestos from the 1930s until the mid-1960s.

M.H. Detrick Lawsuits and Bankruptcy

In most asbestos-related lawsuits against M.H. Derrick, the company was named as defendants alongside other companies that manufactured asbestos. However, M.H. Detrick was included in so many asbestos-related claims that it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1998.

Part of the company’s bankruptcy agreement included creating an asbestos trust fund in order to compensate any pending and future asbestos-related claims. On August 21, 2002, after M.H. Detrick emerged from bankruptcy, the M. H. Detrick Company Asbestos Trust (the “Trust”) was established. Under Sections 101(5) and 524(g)(5) of the Bankruptcy Code, the asbestos trust assumed all asbestos-related claims against M.H. Detrick. A total of $3 million was placed in the trust in 2002. In 2011, the asbestos trust fund closed.

Occupations Affected by M.H. Detrick

Since M.H. provided materials for an array of industries, numerous workers from various occupations were affected by the company’s asbestos-containing products. The most common types of occupations affected included:

  • Steel workers
  • Construction workers
  • Boiler manufacturers
  • Fiberglass workers
  • Those who worked in the aluminum and lead industry

M.H. Detrick Asbestos-containing Products

For over 20 years, as aformentioned, M.H. Detrick was responsible for manufacturing numerous products that contained asbestos, including the following:

  • Mineral wool block
  • Insulating cement
  • Finishing cement
  • Fire-proofing cement
  • Asbestos rope
  • Detroc asbestos board
  • Casing cement
  • Plastic and block insulation
  • Hitherm (insulation brand)
  • Asbestolux (wall and ceiling board brand)
  • Super 711 (sealant brand)
  • Permiseal (water-proofing brand)
  • Boiler coatings
  • Pipe covering

M.H. Detrick Today

M.H. Detrick is still in operation today, based out of Mokena, Illinois. The company continues to focus on refractory heat enclosures and still provides insulation, pre-fired brick,  and heat-resistant castings. M.H. Detrick no longer uses asbestos in any of its products.

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