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Crown Cork & Seal, now known as Crown Holdings, is a packaging products manufacturer with more than 139 plants across several continents. Although the company still remains successful today, its still responsible for exorbitant amounts of asbestos in products from a business that it acquired, which led to to thousands of asbestos-related lawsuits. Workers and consumers alike began developing life-threatening illness after being exposed to asbestos due to Crown Cork & Seal’s products.

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Crown Cork & Seal History

In 1882, Crown Cork & Seal founder William Painter invented a much easier way to seal the containers of items such as beer, soda, and tea. This simple invention revolutionized the industry of sealing bottles, and in turn, the company went on to become one of the largest manufacturing companies in the world.

During World War II, Crown Cork & Seal began developing a gas mask canister to help the servicemen. However, the company received a citation from the government for creating and distributing the product. Afterwards, the company created and developed several other products, including Pour-N-Seal, Merit Seal, and  Kork-N-Seal.

As the company continued to expand throughout the 1960s and 1970s, so did the amount of asbestos-related illnesses. However, its important to note that Crown & Cork did not manufacture asbestos products, but its acquirement of Mundet Cork in 1963 made them responsible for all of Mundet Cork’s asbestos-related lawsuits. Crown & Cork purchased Mundet Cork because of its development of cork-lined bottle caps. Yet, the bottle caps were made with excessive amounts of asbestos.

Crown Cork & Seal Lawsuits

Since Crown Cork & Seal bought Mundet Cork, the company faced a string of asbestos-lawsuits, generally from former Mundet Cork employers, contractors, and consumers. The following lawsuit is one example of the thousands of asbestos-related lawsuits that Crown & Cork faced.

Frederick Schulte

In June 2012, Frederick Schulte, a shipfitter and ironfitter for the McDermott Incorporated Shipyard, won a $12 million verdict after a Lousiana jury found Crown & Cork and other companies responsible for his asbestos-related illness. Although Schulte did not work for Mundet Cork, he was affected by the company’s asbestos-containing pipes that were used at his place of employment.

After numerous years of asbestos exposure, Schulte was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2011. According to court documents, the airborne asbestos fibers he ingested while working on and around Mundet Cork products contributed to his illness. Other companies that manufactured asbestos were also found liable, including Westinghouse Electric Corp., Reilly Benton, International Paper Company, Crosby Valve, McDermott, and Avondale. The defendants were also found responsible for withholding information on how dangerous asbestos exposure is.

Fortunately, it took only 10 months from the time of Schulte’s mesothelioma diagnosis to win his mesothelioma lawsuit.

Asbestos-Containing Products

Crown Cork & Seal became liable for a variety of asbestos-containing products that Mundet Cork manufactured, including:

  • Mundet Pipe Covering
  • Mundet Finishing Cement
  • Mundet Cork Asbestos Insulation
  • Mundet Cork Insulating Cement
  • Mundet Block Insulation

Crown Cork & Seal Today

As mentioned earlier, Crown Cork & Seal is still in operation today under the name Crown Holdings. The company now remains the biggest metal manufacturing business in the world. Crown Holdings packages products such as food, drinks, household products, industrial products, and health and beauty for a myriad of various businesses.

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