New York Shipbuilding Corporation

The New York Shipbuilding Corporation was a large shipbuilding business based out of Camden, New Jersey. Although the shipyard built of variety of important vessels for both world wars, its extensive use of asbestos left many people with life-threatening diseases.

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New York Shipbuilding

New York Shipbuilding History

Henry G. Morse created the New York Shipbuilding Corporation in 1899, yet instead of locating in New York as originally planned, he settled on Camden, New Jersey. By 1901, this shipyard launched the MS Dollar, its first shipyard. Shortly after, the shipyard created numerous vessels, including the:

  • Washington
  • USS Michigan
  • USS Utah
  • USS Arkansas
  • USS Oklahoma

New York Shipbuilding continued building vessels throughout the next several years and went on to become one of the largest shipyards in World War I. This shipyard added additional yards and and space, situated more than two miles along the Delaware River. As business continued to boom, and went on to build a myriad of vessels after the military invested over $20 million for its expansion.

New York Shipbuilding also created the USS Saratoga (CV-3). The vessel was supposed to be a battlecruiser, but during World War II it was used as an aircraft carrier for the United States Navy. Afterwards, the shipyard continued to provide vessels to the Navy during World War II, including destroyer tenders, seaplane tenders, aircrafts, light cruisers, battle cruiser, a repair ship, and a battleship.

Once the war ended, New York Shipbuilding began building a number of submarines, but the demand for the shipyard’s vessels declined drastically in the early 1960s. By 1967, the shipyard closed its doors.

New York Shipbuilding and Asbestos

Similar to most shipyards in the past, the New York Shipbuilding Corporation relied heavily on asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) and products while building vessels. Not only was asbestos affordable, but it was also easy to mix into other materials and resistant to heat and fire.

In turn, a plethora of shipyard employees and contractors work with and around asbestos on a daily basis, for prolonged periods of time. Many of the shipyard employees worked in cramped engine room in vessels with asbestos dust permeating in the air as they sprayed asbestos-filled sprays onto ship parts and walls.

In addition, workers were never warned of the dangers of asbestos, nor were they given any protective gear, such as respirators, to wear while working around massive amounts of the dangerous mineral.

Due to the excessive use of asbestos, hundreds of New York Shipbuilding employees and contractors developed fatal illnesses, including malignant mesothelioma, asbestosis, and asbestos-related lung cancer.

Many of the workers at New York Shipbuilding are United States Navy veterans. These workers may qualify for free medical assistance and compensation from the Veterans Administration.

Non-veterans and veterans alike who were injured by asbestos have the option to file claims against the manufacturers that supplied asbestos to shipyards. In recent times, shipyards have been in the hot seat after the laws changed and now mandate that shipyards that knew of the dangers of asbestos, yet didn’t warn workers, should also be held liable.

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Photo Source: U.S. Naval Historical Center. Public Domain