Barbours Cut Container Terminal (Barbours Cut Terminal)

The Barbours Cut Container Terminal, also known as Barbours Cut Terminal, is a leading containers handling facility, located off of the Gulf of Mexico, between Morgan’s Point and La Porte, Texas. Owned and operated by the Houston Port Authority, Barbours Cut Docks has an history of using asbestos for numerous years, similar to many other shipyards. This led to both workers and area residents developing life-threatening illnesses after prolonged exposure to the hazardous mineral.

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Barbours shipyard lifting towers


Barbours Cut Terminal History

Barbours Cut Terminal opened in 1977, and with its creation, opened a better alternative to the already-established Turning Basin terminal, which was situated more than six hours away from the Gulf of Mexico. Barbours Cut Terminal cut the time in half by being placed only three hours away from the Gulf.

Over time, the terminal expanded to over 250 acres. It also opened a cruise ship terminal, which was used until 2007. However, as expansive as Barbours Cut Terminal became, it’s history of asbestos use not only left numerous people sick, but also posed significant risks to the environment.

Barbours Cut Terminal and Asbestos

In 2008, a report released by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) indicates that Barbours Cut Terminal was found to contain large amounts of asbestos. In addition to placing people at risk for asbestos-related diseases, many people in the La Porte and Houston area developed leukemia, according to a 2007 University of Texas study, after the terminal used various different hazardous chemicals. In fact, children within a two-mile radius of the terminal are twice as likely to develop leukemia.

Although there are currently no records of workers filing asbestos-related lawsuits against Barbours Cut Terminal, many who worked at other shipyards owned by the Houston Port Authority, have filed claims against asbestos manufacturers that supplied asbestos-containing materials to shipyards.

Barbours Cut Terminal Removes an Administration Building

When a 2003 inspection report carried out by the Houston Port Authority Commissioner showed that the terminal’s administration building was littered with asbestos, it was demolished and removed. The removal, estimated to cost over $30,000, was handled by the Port Authority.

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