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The Mobil Oil Corporation, now more commonly known as Exxon or Exxonmobil, is one of the largest gas and oil companies in the world. However, the company’s past involves the use of asbestos with harvesting oil, which in turn left a multitude of people with life-threatening, asbestos-related illnesses. Consequently, the Mobil Oil Corporation faced thousands of asbestos-related lawsuits, which continue today.

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Mobil Oil Corporation History

Mobil Oil began in 1882 as the Standard Oil Company, part of the Standard Oil trust, and by 1899, the company became the holding for all companies involved. However, in 1911, the U.S. Supreme Court mandated that the company relinquish power over its 33 United States subsidiaries.

When the Standard Oil Company, one of the largest oil production companies in the United States at the time, Socony (also known as the Standard Oil Company of New York), along with 33 successors, were created. The trademark “Mobiloil” was established several years later, in 1920.

By 1931, Socony went on to form two new companies, which included Standard Oil of NY (Socony) and Vacuum Oil. The two then merged to create Socony Vacuum, which sold Mobilgas. The merger also created a Pegasus icon, which would eventually become the symbol of the Mobil Oil brand.

During the 1950s, the company’s name was changed to Mobil Oil. It was also during this time that the company began to have overseas success, with plants, gas stations, and oil refineries across Europe. This continued into the 1980s, when oil prices changed, resulting in dire financial burden for Mobil Oil, as it was locked into expensive crude contracts.

To help alleviate the financial strain, Rawleigh Warner, Jr., the company’s chairman, made huge budget cuts to the company’s refineries and gas stations, which made Mobil Oil’s units more smaller, modern, and more efficient.

Mobil Oil was met with more challenges during the 1990s, as the weakened economy in the United States resulted in lowered prices for gas and oil. Yet, by 1994, natural gas prices began to increase, which helped the company earn a considerable profit.

Mobil Oil Today

Now know as Exxon, the company continues to provide gas and oil, worldwide. Exxon currently has 38 oil refineries located in 21 different countries, making it world’s largest publicly-traded company internationally, for both oil and gas.

Mobil Oil Corporation Asbestos Lawsuits

It’s important to note that oil production and management requires using heavy-duty industrial equipment, and the majority of the equipment that Mobil used contained high amounts of asbestos.

As a result, numerous employees and contractors were exposed to the deadly mineral, leading to life-threatening illnesses, and in turn, thousands of asbestos-related lawsuits and claims. The following are among only a few of the string of lawsuits that followed Mobil:

Merle Sandy

On February 17, 2006, a California jury ruled in favor of plaintiff, Merle Sandy, 60, after evidence showed that Mobil exposed him to excessive amounts of asbestos, leading to his development of asbestosis and colon cancer. He was awarded a total of $1,083,000.

Court documents indicate that Sandy worked at an oil refinery in Benicia, California, formerly owned by the Exxon Mobile Corporation. During the time period that Sandy worked at oil refinery throughout the 1970s, Mobil was still owner, and therefore responsible for providing safe work conditions. Yet, Sandy was met with extremely dangerous levels of asbestos each day while doing industrial maintenance.

During trial, evidence was presented that indicated Mobil was clearly aware of the dangers of asbestos. A video showed depositions that the company’s knowledge of asbestos exposure and its harmful effects dated back to 1937.

George R. Smith

On August 3, 2007, Mobil Oil faced lost yet another asbestos-related lawsuit when the wife of the late George R. Smith, a former plumber and pipefitter, was awarded $2.5 million for loss of consortium, $319,500 in economic damages, and $1.5 million in non-economic damages.

According to court documents, numerous companies were listed as defendants in the lawsuit, which was filed after Smith developed, and subsequently died from malignant mesothelioma. Towards the end of the trial, all other companies had either settled or were dismissed, aside from Mobil. The company took it chances in fighting the lawsuit. However, Mobil was found guilty of:

  • Failure to warn of dangerous existing conditions before Smith went to work
  • Failure to exercise basic care towards company employees

Mobil appealed the Smith verdict, but was unsuccessful.

Occupations Affected by Mobil Oil Corporation

Unfortunately, a variety of workers in numerous occupations were affected by asbestos due to Mobil’s heavy-duty machinery. Since the machinery was prone to heat, asbestos was used to line it to resist the high heat amounts. Many different people worked on and around Mobil Oil’s machinery, including:

  • Metal workers
  • Electricians
  • Chemical workers
  • Engineers
  • Insulators
  • Pipefitters
  • Oven and dryer workers
  • Refinery workers

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