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Lincoln Electric is a worldwide manufacturing company that creates and distributes a variety of welding equipment, gear, and tools. In recent years, the company earned over $2 billion and sales and it continues to provide an array of services and products to numerous industries. However, as with many manufacturing companies in the past, Lincoln Electric used asbestos in numerous products, leading to thousands of asbestos-related claims and lawsuits.

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Lincoln Electric History

Lincoln Electric was created in 1895 when owner John C. Lincoln invested a mere $200 to create the company. Lincoln used his own design of electric motors as the primary product when the company opened. Within ten years, however, Lincoln’s younger brother, James F. Lincoln, began working as a salesman for the company. During this time, the company added more products to its line, including battery chargers and welding sets.

By 1914, Lincoln Electric had grown substantially, leading to a Canada-based operation and the Lincoln Electric Welding School, in which more than 100,000 students have been trained.

During the next 20 years, the company’s growth continued to expand, and their welding production surpassed their motor production. In turn, welding became the primary focus of Lincoln Electric. As a result, the company created the Fleetweld® 5 coated electrode, which was known for producing welds with 100% greater ductility when compared to welds with bare electrodes.

It was World War II, however, that brought Lincoln Electric the greatest expansions. The company began welding ship hulls, which led to entirely new market for this type of welding. During the several decades, the company continues to expand and increase in profits and popularity. By the 1990s, Lincoln Electric reached global heights, and opened an electrode plant in Shanghai, China. The company also acquired several different companies and brands, including  Essen, Germany’s Uhrhan & Schwill and 50% stake in the Turkish-based company, AS Kaynack.

By the end of the 1990s, Lincoln Electric added at least  23 new products and services to the market, and opened up a distribution center in Johannesburg, South Africa. However, as much success as the company enjoyed, it paid a large price for it due to its high use of asbestos in a string of products. Although the company won a lot of their asbestos-related lawsuits, the losses resulted in multi-million dollar verdicts for plaintiffs who developed asbestos-related illnesses due to Lincoln Electric products.

Lincoln Electric Lawsuits

In 2008, a Lincoln Electric representative issued a statement that the majority of the asbestos-related cases against the company were dismissed. However, the statement failed to indicate a 2003 trial against the company that ended in an over $6 million verdict for the plaintiffs.

According to court documents, two former Lincoln Electric employees, Angel Gomez and Daniel Tucker, worked for numerous years around the company’s welding rod, which contained high 5% to 15% asbestos. Both Gomez and Tucker developed mesothelioma and filed a lawsuit against Lincoln Electric, as well as Hobart Brothers Company, a subsidiary of Illinois Tool Works, Inc.

Although Lincoln Electric argued that it was not possible to develop mesothelioma or any other asbestos-related disease from their welding rods, a New York State jury disagreed. Gomez was awarded $3.19 million and Tucker was awarded $3.5 million. Unfortunately, neither plaintiff survived long enough to hear of their victories, as they both passed away from mesothelioma complications during the trial.

Lincoln Electric Asbestos-containing Products

Lincoln Electric’s welding rods were the primary reason for a large amount of the company’s asbestos-related lawsuits. Not only were Lincoln Electric employees affected, but numerous other workers in different fields, such as shipbuilders and automotive workers, were exposed to asbestos while handling the company’s welding rods.

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