The Abex Corporation

The Apex Corporation, a Virginia-based company that specialized in asbestos brakes, faced a multitude of mesothelioma lawsuits for many years. After several decades, the company closed its doors in the late 1970s, but their sheer amount of asbestos-related claims resulted in the company losing millions to plaintiffs who were negligently injured.

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History of The Apex Corporation

Established in 1928, the Apex Corporation originally started out as the American Brake Shoe and Foundry. In addition to manufacturing asbestos brakes, the company produced wheels for railroad cars and hydraulic systems for vessels and planes.

In 1968, Illinois Central Industries Inc. purchased Apex, and 10 years later, merged it with the Pneumo Corporation, creating the  Pneumo Abex Corporation. After the merger, the company added more products to its manufacturing line, including industrial and aerospace fluid products.

Almost every product that Apex manufactured contained asbestos. In fact, they continued to use asbestos until their doors closed in 1978. Consequently, thousands of people began developing asbestos-related illnesses, and an influx of mesothelioma lawsuits followed.

Apex Willingly Conceals the Dangers of Asbestos

Although many lawsuits surfaced after Apex closed its doors, one particular lawsuit resulted in information that the company willingly withheld information on the dangers of asbestos. Although Apex knew of the life-threatening hazards that comes after inhaling asbestos fibers, they concealed the details from employees and contractors. A jury found the company guilty of knowingly and willingly concealing asbestos’ hazards. The plaintiff won $20 million.

Workers Affected By Asbestos

Metal workers at Apex were affected the most by asbestos. However, thousands of workers across many different companies were also affected, including those who installed Apex products into automobile and trains, and mechanics who repaired and replaced asbestos-containing parts.

The following asbestos-containing products placed a myriad of workers at risk:

  • Brakes
  • Power fluid
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Aerospace products
  • Railroad car components
  • Industrial products

EPA Names Apex a Superfund Site

A Superfund site is defined as an abandoned and/or closed down area in which hazardous materials are located. The hazardous wastes are so severe that the ecosystem and local residents are affected.

After investigating the site, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) named Apex as one of the most hazardous wastes sites in the nation, containing not only asbestos but excessive amounts of lead. In 1992, the company was ordered by the federal government to clean up the site and remove the soil.

Legal Resources For Those Affected By Asbestos

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