Wife blames mesothelioma on washing husband’s clothes for 30 years

The wife of a former electrician filed a lawsuit against her husband’s past employers after she developed mesothelioma. She claimed that she washed his “asbestos covered overalls” for around 30 years, which led to her mesothelioma diagnosis.

asbestos up close

In February 2016, 64-year-old Lynda Coates, of Newcastle, England, was diagnosed with mesothelioma. Her husband, David, who died in 2002, worked around asbestos for 30 years. Coates said that she would wash his clothes daily, never realizing she putting her life at risk.

“My mesothelioma diagnosis came completely out of the blue for me and I was even more shocked when I found out it may have been caused by inhaling asbestos dust and fibers my husband brought home on his overalls,” Linda said.

David worked for numerous companies during his career as an electrician, and a number of times at industrial sites. Some of the companies included  Bailey and Co Ltd, N.E.I. Parsons Ltd, and Woolman Ltd. Linda said she would wash his clothes each day so that they would be clean for him when returning to work.

Linda, along with her mesothelioma law team, is now seeking information about as to whether is was known that asbestos was part of the working conditions, and she’s looking for others who worked alongside her husband. Companies who knowingly exposed to others to asbestos at the workplace without warning could be liable for the damages incurred as a result.

“Linda was just trying to care for her husband and family but has now been given the devastating diagnosis,” said her asbestos lawyer. “We know from our experience that many employers knew about the risks of asbestos but sadly too many did not do enough to protect their workers from the substance or inform them of the dangers it posed to their health, and the health of their families who may be exposed through dust on their work clothing.

Second-hand asbestos reportedly caused Linda to develop mesothelioma. Despite popular belief that asbestos diseases attack only those who work around the dangerous fibers, anyone exposed to it, no matter how large or small, are at risk of developing life-threatening illnesses. The number of people who develop mesothelioma via second-hand exposure is still small when compared to those who develop the disease due to occupational exposure, but more and more states are beginning to recognize that there’s liability involved.

For example, in 2016, the California Supreme Court ruled that companies that exposed workers to asbestos are liable if the asbestos caused second-hand exposure to family members or others who lived in their home.

Ways Second-Hand Exposure Occurs

Although it may hard to imagine that microscopic fibers can make their way to transfer from one person to another and cause damage, there are actually multiple ways it can happen, including:

  • As in Coates’ case, asbestos can transfer from clothing to another unsuspecting person
  • Asbestos transfer from skin, hair, and nails
  • Living in an area where demolition or construction work disrupts asbestos

Help for Second-Hand Asbestos Exposure

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