Where You Live May Influence Mesothelioma Survival

A recent study suggests that people who suffer from mesothelioma may have different survival rates, depending on how advanced the medical centers are in the areas they live.

The study, performed by the UK National Lung Cancer Audit, included a total of 8,740 patients who were diagnosed with mesothelioma. The study was conducted at six different England hospitals and schools, with the average patients being 73-year-old males.

The study suggests that where the patient lived determined the type and quality of treatment given, which in turn, influenced their survival rate. For example, 87% of the patients received a diagnosis of mesothelioma after a histo-cytological test, but only 67% received treatment for anti-cancer. According to Paul Beckett, the study’s lead author and physician at the Royal College of Physicians in London, lack of medical experience when it comes to mesothelioma is why there are such varying degrees of treatment.

” There is a significant variation in care patterns and outcomes that may reflect limited expertise in areas with low incidence [of mesothelioma].”

The study also states that while chemotherapy treatment seems to be increasing, surgery is starting to decrease in different areas. The stage of mesothelioma was also taken into consideration, or the lack thereof. The study indicates that there were far too many medical centers that failed to notate which stage of mesothelioma cancer the patient was in, which often impacts decisions on how to go forward with treatment.

The overall median survival rate of the patients was around 9 months, but varied from 209 days to 349 days, depending on where the patient received treatment. However, the good news is that overall, patient survival rate has increased from 2009 to 2012. Dr. Beckett and other researchers on the study indicate that it’s important for all physicians to notate the stage of mesothelioma each patient is in, which can help extend survival rates.

The entire study, titled “Demographics, management and survival of patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma in the National Lung Cancer Audit in England and Wales,” can be found on the  March 30, 2015 edition of the Lung Cancer journal.

About Mesothelioma Stages

Mesothelioma is divided into four stages so that physicians will know which treatments will work best and which types of treatment to avoid. Stage I and Stage II of mesothelioma, are considered the easiest to treat, and patients under these stages generally respond more favorably to curative treatment. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, or a combination of all three are typical treatment options.

When a patient reaches Stage III, the mesothelioma tumors have begun to grow larger and may have spread to other parts of the body. Surgery for Stage III patients will depend upon the overall general health of the patient. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy may be an option to help reduce the patient’s pain level and to extend livelihood.

Stage IV mesothelioma is the final stage of the disease, in which the cancer has grown substantially and spread throughout other parts of the body. Doctors focus on palliative treatment during this stage, and consistent typically consists of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and supportive care. In only rare instances is surgery an option during Stage IV, as the patient’s health is generally too weak to withstand it.

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