Victims’ Families Shocked, Angered, After Wunderlich Factory Asbestos Exposure

Family members of  victims who lived near an old factory in a Melbourne, Australia are shocked, worried, and angered after learning that their loved ones’ asbestos-related illnesses were likely caused by living too close to a factory that had an exorbitant of amount of unsecured asbestos.

According to reports, evidence emerged this month that directly links Sunshine North’s Wunderlich factory to unsecured asbestos throughout its facilities. Consequently, at least a dozen people who live within the vicinity of the factory have now been diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma, asbestosis, and other illnesses caused by asbestos exposure.

One victim, the mother of local resident Chris Frohlich, lived only a few feet from the Wunderlich factory for over 20 years while growing up. Last year, she died from aggressive lung cancer. Her brother died from mesothelioma, and her father died from a pulmonary disease. Until recently, Forhlich’s family felt that they were just unlucky in that several family members succumbed to cancerous diseases. They’d often explain that the family had an unlucky run of bad health, that is, until they learned of the massive asbestos problem at Wunderlich factory.

“We just couldn’t understand how one family could be so unlucky, how four people could come down with lung disease,” Frohlich recently told West Australia’s ABC News. “My initial feeling [when we found out] was anger. My mum was a vital, healthy woman.My kids, her grandkids, have almost forgotten her already, they’re not old enough to have a permanent memory. It makes me so angry.”

After speaking with attorneys regarding legal actions, Frohlich learned that a company called CSR owned the Wunderlich factory, and that it already has other pending mesothelioma cases.

This isn’t the first time companies in Australia have came under heat for asbestos use. In fact, Australia is currently ranked one of the leading countries for asbestos use and asbestos-related illnesses. In fact, Western Australia’s Wittenoom has seen more than 2,000 deaths after asbestos exposure. Many of these deaths were not just factory workers, but wives and children who were injured by asbestos via second-hand exposure.

Another resident, Jim Trickey, also grew up near Wunderlich factory. As with Frohlich’s mother, Trickey used to play all around the asbestos waste area by the factory as a child. He now lives with a pleural plague on his lungs. His sister Joyce was not as lucky. She died from asbestosis just a few years ago. In ways, Trickey told ABC, he feels responsible for his sister’s death, as he used to bring back asbestos fibers all over his clothes after playing.

“I went up to see her the day she died and I kissed her on her forehead and – I was so upset about it you know – she had a terrible death with it. So it makes me think now what is going to happen to me? If I’ve got this is there any prevention of it, is there any cure, is there anything they can give me to stop it going into the lungs?So it’s just like sitting on a barrel of dynamite,” said Trickey.

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