Today Is Mesothelioma Awareness Day: Things You Can Do To Show Support

September 26 is Mesothelioma Awareness Day, marking the 12th year since it started in 2004. If you aren’t participating in in-person events, there is still a lot you can do to help spread awareness today.

Meso Day sign


According to Disabled World, “an awareness date is defined as a national or international awareness day, week, or month, and is a date usually set by a major organization or government, to commemorate medical research, or ethical cause of importance, on a national or international level.” Mesothelioma Awareness Day was founded by advocates and volunteers in 2004, and has since brought education and awareness to a disease that’s still a mystery to many.

Current Happenings on Asbestos in the U.S.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is currently working to get asbestos banned permanently in the U.S. Earlier this year, the Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act, which states that the EPA now has more power to study, detect, and ban harmful substances and chemicals that are currently legal in the U.S.

The EPA is required to select the first 22 chemicals for study by December, and numerous organizations and advocates are pushing for them to add asbestos to the top of the list. Putting asbestos on the top list of chemicals to review would be the first process in ultimately getting it banned. If banned, a number of companies that still use the deadly mineral in their products would be forced to stop using it.

California Sen. Barbara Boxer is hoping the EPA will start reviewing asbestos as soon as possible. She’s an advocate for its ban, and even wrote a letter to the EPA, encouraging them to place asbestos at the top of the review list, which would ultimately send messages out the businesses that the EPA is taking the new laws regarding dangerous seriously. Boxer wrote,

“The chemicals selected will drive EPA’s agenda for the next several years. To build confidence in the agency’s ability to deliver meaningful results for our children and families, EPA must consider all forms of asbestos in this initial list of chemicals it acts on.”

In the meantime, you can help. The following ideas are ways you can help show your support for mesothelioma awareness:

Wear Blue

Even if you don’t have a “Mesothelioma Awareness Day” shirt, you can still show your support today by wearing any blue-colored shirt.

Share on Social Media

To show support and awareness online, consider writing your own personal story, followed by the tag, #curemeso. You can also share pictures of yourself or loved ones wearing blue! Don’t forget to mention the importance of the community (as a whole) learning about mesothelioma.

Consider the things you wish people know about mesothelioma, and share it on social media. Although there numerous people and families affected by mesothelioma, the disease is still considered rare, and there is still a lot of confusion about it. For instance, you could share how asbestos is still legal in the U.S., or that people of any age are susceptible to developing an asbestos-related illness.


If you are planning to host an in-person community fundraiser, you can always donate to a non-profit asbestos awareness organization, such as the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO), the 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, or the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation (MARF), also a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization.

Another option, if you’re an Amazon customer, is to shop with AmazonSmile‘s asbestos awareness program, which donates  0.5% of your purchase price (on eligible purchases) to the charity of your choice. You can do this each time you shop on Amazon, regardless of the day.

Help and Resources for Asbestos Victims

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