THOUSANDS of children’s quad bikes (ATVs) found to contain asbestos!

A popular brand of brand of children’s quad bikes were recalled after it was determined that the vehicles were built with asbestos-containing parts.

Quad Bike

ABC Online reports that several brands of the Polaris youth quad bicycle, which was sold after December 31st, 2003, have been recalled. Product Safety Australia said on Monday that many parts of the bikes could contain asbestos, including the front and rear brake shoes, the front brake pad, the rear brake shoe, and the heat shield washer.

Models affected by asbestos and included in the recall include:

  • Ace 150
  • Outlaw 50, 90 and 110
  • Scrambler 50 and 90
  • Sportsman 90 and 110
  • Predator 50 and 90
  • Sawtooth 200

Expert stated that children who own one of the aforementioned Polaris bikes can still ride them. However, absolutely no repairs should be done on the bikes because it may disrupt asbestos. Any repairs should be done by licensed professional who understands how to dispose asbestos materials and parts properly.

Owners of the vehicles can contact their nearest authorized Polaris dealer, where they can have any parts that may contain asbestos replaced with asbestos- free parts, at no charge. The Ace 150 vehicles can also be repaired free of charge. However owners must wait until the gaskets need to be serviced.

According to Alan Collins, country manager of Polaris Australia, the company had third-party testing done on the vehicles, which identified traces of a besos. He claims that the risk of asbestos exposure is extremely low.

“The research and very extensive testing that we’ve had completed … has come back that there were no asbestos fibers picked up in the air through the use of those vehicles,” Mr Collins told the ABC. “It’s an extremely low probability that those fibres could’ve been in the air and could’ve damaged the operator of the vehicle or anybody nearby to them.”

Yet, it’s important to remember that according to numerous organizations that have researched and understand the dangers of asbestos, such as the American Cancer Society, there is simply no safe levels of asbestos exposure. Running the risk of possibly coming into contact with asbestos should be thought about thoroughly before allowing a child to ride the vehicle.

For now, the quad bikes are not being sold anymore while the company investigates. Collins said that the company is investigating the cause of the contaminated asbestos and working hard to determine how it happened and which source sent in asbestos-containing parts.

“We are working very diligently at the moment to understand how this has happened and … to ensure there can be no repeats of it in future.”

For more information, contact the Polaris Customer Service Department on 1-800- 982- 593 or visit

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