Radical Surgery Benefits Certain Mesothelioma Patients More Than Others

A recent study performed by thoracic surgeons determined that certain mesothelioma patients benefit more from a radical surgery called extrapleural pneumonectomy (EPP) than others. The surgeons studied and collected data on 518 malignant mesothelioma survivors who underwent the surgery from 2000-2010.

According to the study reports, 84% of the patients studied had epithelial mesothelioma, the most common sub-form of pleural mesothelioma. Over half of the patients underwent chemotherapy prior to EPP, and the majority of patients had at least two forms of therapy at once prior to surgery, including chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

The study was conducted by several thoracic surgeons from the National Cancer Institute in Rome, Italy, the European Institute of Oncology in Milan, Italy, and five other clinic centers in Italy. The study has been recently published in the Annals of Thoracic Surgery.

Unfortunately, around 26% of the patients had severe complications after EPP and 36 of them passed away within 90 days post-surgery. The overall survival rate for all of the patients was approximately 18 months, yet another 1/4 of the patients went on to survive past three years. Researchers were able to determine the successful patients based on age, severity of the cancer, historical subtype, and what form of therapy was used.

“The success of EPP in the context of a multimodality treatment depends on a series of patient characteristics,” said Lorenzo Spaggiari, MD, PhD, the lead author of the study. “Female patients, patients with epithelial tumors, and patients who received induction chemotherapy will best benefit from EPP.”

Since EPP involves removing a lung as well as other major tissues, it’s considered one of the most radicals forms of surgery to undergo. There is still quite a bit of controversy in the medical world over this type of surgery as there is debate as the whether the outcome outweighs the myriad of risks involved.

Although this may be beneficial news for female patients with epithelial tumors who undergo chemotherapy, it’s important to understand the risks involved in this type of surgery. For additional information on the procedure and the potential dangers involved, it’s recommended to discuss your health history and options with your physician.

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