Can Antioxidants Help Prevent Mesothelioma?

Although you have heard about antioxidants and know that they’re supposed to be healthy for you, did you know that they can also help prevent mesothelioma?

For decades now, millions of people have been consuming antioxidants after learning of all the health benefits and properties attached to them. More recently, numerous studies on antioxidants and how they help prevent cancer, including mesothelioma, have surfaced, as more and more people become aware of the hidden dangers of asbestos.

Mesothelioma and other cancers occur when the body loses caveolin-1, a protein that helps stop tumorous cancers from forming. When the body loses this protein, oxidative stress occurs within mesothelium cells, and in turn, tumors surface.

In 2011, a study performed at Pennsylvania’s Kimmel Cancer Center linked mesothelioma suppression to supplements that contain antioxidants. Antioxidant supplements help to fight the body from losing caveolin-1. Lead researcher of the study, Michael Lisanti, indicates that the research performed confirms that antioxidants help mesothelioma patients.

“This study provides the necessary genetic evidence that reducing oxidative stress in the body will decrease tumor growth. Now that we have genetic proof that mitochondrial oxidative stress is important for driving tumor growth, we should reconsider using antioxidants as anti-cancer agents.”

It’s important to note, however, that some antioxidant supplements are not recommended for those who currently have mesothelioma, as they can reduce the strength of chemotherapy. If you currently have mesothelioma, it’s important to speak with your physician before taking antioxidant supplements. In the meantime, however, research also indicates that eating a diet rich in antioxidants is powerful as well.

In two additional recent studies, Turkish and Italian physicians found similar results, and state that antioxidants, not only in the drug form, but in the food form as well, help to fight oxidative stress. When the body is exposed to harmful substances such as asbestos, reactive oxygen species (ROS) chemicals increase, which in turn increases the risk of developing mesothelioma.

Antioxidants help repair damage done by free radicals, and research indicates that eating foods, specifically vegetables that rich in antioxidants, help ward off mesothelioma. However, the key is to consume antioxidant-rich foods on a daily basis. In addition, organic-based foods is said to produce more antioxidant benefits when compared to non-organic foods.

The following antioxidant-rich foods are recommended:

  • Raspberries
  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries
  • Prunes
  • Artichokes
  • Potatoes
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Pecans
  • Pinto beans
  • Kidney beans
  • Brown rice
  • Barley
  • Spinach
  • Red beans
  • Cloves
  • Walnuts
  • Prunes
  • Blackberries

Although experts are still uncertain exactly how much antioxidant foods should be consumed per day to help fight off mesothelioma, the American Cancer Society (ACS) suggests eating  five servings of fruits and vegetables each day. You should also drink plenty of fresh water each day and maintain a healthy exercise routine. ACS indicates that maintaining a healthy weight helps reduce the chances of cancer, and for those who’ve already been diagnosed, helps to reduce the chances of cancer returning after treatment.

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