The Best (and Worst) Christmas Gifts for Mesothelioma Patients

As the holidays roll around, it’s time for many of us to choose the perfect gift for loved ones. You may feel daunted when trying to figure out the best gift for a mesothelioma patient, especially if they are in a fragile state, but it’s important to remember that they are still human, and oftentimes a good cheer-me-up present works wonders.

Best Gift Ideas

Comfortable Pajamas or Robes

People with mesothelioma may sleep longer than before, especially after treatment/during recovery, and they may also lounge around and relax a lot. Consider getting a comfortable robe and/or a set of nice pajamas or a nightgown. Additionally, your loved one may enjoy a warm embroidered blanket to wrap up in.


A part of recovering, as just mentioned, is relaxing more than usual. However, that doesn’t always mean mesothelioma patients always want to relax at home. A night out watching a movie may not seem like a major gift, but it may be just what your loved one needs during this difficult time.


Sometimes it’s not the monetary value of the gift that matters as much to mesothelioma as having someone help them with chores and other tasks that may tire them out easily. Make your own customized gift card that entitles your loved one to cash it in (to you) for laundry duties, cooking, cleaning, or anything else you can lend a helping hand with.

Worst Gift Ideas

Books or Magazines Subscriptions Dealing With Cancer 

Although family members who buy books (or magazines) about cancer are probably doing so to be helpful, it’s generally not a good idea. Mesothelioma patients have to deal with disease on a daily basis and get overloaded with all of the information from their doctors. Most cancer patients want to relax at home as much as possible and may not want to read about their disease even further. If you’re considering this gift, make sure your loved one has expressed interest in these types of gifts first.

“Sad” Gifts 

Sad gifts can anything from an emotional movie to a CD full of songs about heartbreak or loss. When buying someone with mesothelioma a gift, try to keep it as light as possible, and stay away from overly-emotional presents.


Flowers (even during the holidays) seems appropriate for people dealing with an illness, but at the same, it may remind someone battling a toxic illness of death. According to cancer patient Anikka Burton, after she came from the hospital for cancer treatment, she was taken aback by all of the flowers left on her doorstep.

“I don’t know whether it was my melancholy frame of mind, but it was a reminder of how fragile life is. Flowers are the easy go-to option for any get well gift. Now all the joy has been taken out of them because it’s a reminder of being really sick.”

If You’re in Doubt, Just Ask

Part of the fun of the holidays is the happy yet surprised look on your family’s faces as they open their gifts. Yet, there is no harm in simply asking what gift a mesothelioma patient would life to have. While some may answer right away, others may take a little prodding.

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