Asbestos and Mold Found at Chicago Charter School

A recent report obtained through the Freedom of Information Act indicates that Concept Schools’ Chatham site, a charter school in the Chicago area, not only has a leaky roof in one of its buildings, but asbestos in the floor tiles and mold throughout the school. This information was presented only months before the start of the 2014 school year.

According to a recent inspection of the school, the mold is so bad that it can be seen in several classrooms. In addition, the scent in many classrooms is so bad that it’s overwhelming. Asbestos was found in several floor tiles, but it has reportedly been removed.

“Mold is visibly evident throughout many of the classrooms. The mold and mildew is so bad, that a handful of the classrooms cannot be accessed due to the noxious, overwhelming, suffocating scent,” wrote the inspector, who investigated the school in July. 

Concept Schools’ Horizon Science Academy-Clay Evans is comprised of two buildings, and although one building was said to be in fair shape, the other building, filled with asbestos and mold, will take a lot of work to repair. 

In addition to the asbestos and mold problems, the inspection report indicates there is also a water issue in the building, which has resulted in carpet soaking, classroom ceilings leaking water, and tiles falling from the ceiling.

“Water infiltration is so prevalent throughout most of the classrooms there is standing water, both on the floor and in the light fixtures in the ceiling. Carpets in many of the classrooms are soaking wet, and tiles in specific communal areas are peeling. The majority of the acoustical ceiling tiles have been removed or fallen to the floor. Mold is visibly evident throughout many of the classrooms,” the report states. 

The repairs are still not finished, and hundreds of children are left wondering where they will attend school. For now, Concept Vice President Salim Ucan states that he is looking for different charter schools in the area for over 400 kids and 40 staff members. 

“We are working with the area charter schools to see if they have openings for the respective grades.We are trying to see if we can transfer them to our existing schools,” said Ucan.

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